Auto Glass Repair

Learn All About Auto Glass Repair

Auto glass damage, regardless of their size, will eventually become a major problem when they are left un-repaired. Auto glass is more than just glass because it has protective layers of plastic that prevent the whole surface of the glass from collapsing during an impact. 9The significance of this treatment is that shards of glass will not fall on the drivers and the passengers in the vehicle in case of a collision or accident.

Made of 3 layers in a car, windshields are one of the most durable, but also the most vulnerable parts of your automobile. Even a slight crack can mar the outer cover, and pave way for further breakage. Some people tend to ignore windshield cracks and wait until the whole glass cover crumbles down.

Most states in the US prohibit the driving of a vehicle with a chipped or cracked windshield. If you have a crack or a chip in your windshield, it is best to have them repair or else replaced.

While the windshield has a strong surface, it would not do well for any driver to continue using the vehicle as long as there is a chip or crack on its surface. The reason behind this is simple. Cracked windshields very easily develop into a larger crack that will make up 90% of the surface of the glass.

Do not let this happen to you. If you notice a crack or a chip in your windshield, contact your repair shops and glass dealers immediately and ask for an auto glass estimate. The cost of your auto glass estimate will depend on the model of your vehicle, as well as the size of the glass.

Never risk driving your vehicle with a chipped or cracked glass. Changes in the temperature, as well as wind resistance, are factors that can make your glass worse just by driving. Always get it fixed as soon as possible and be sure to get an auto glass estimate!

How Do Auto Glass Repair Systems Work?

If you have not attempted to repair your auto glass, it is a simple process that can usually be done in less than an hour. The best part for this is the fact that nearly all insurance companies can shoulder this for you even if you have all inclusive deductible on your automobile.

All repair systems, work on similar principles: A technician cleans out the damaged area on a windshield, injects a clear plastic resin and then hardens the repair with ultraviolet light. It's usually quicker than a replacement, costs less and preserves the factory window seal. And recent advances in chemistry and technique have made cheap auto glass repair a more and more viable option.

What You Should Know About Getting Auto Glass Repair

When it comes to auto glass repair services, there are so many providers that you can go for almost anywhere. No matter what part of the world you are in, you can surely find someone who will repair or replace your windshields. All you have to do is to search the Web or ask someone who has experienced repairing his car glass. The cost of auto glass repair may differ from shop to shop. It is always best to shop for auto glass repair quotes you can be sure you will get the best value for your money.

Before you avail of an auto glass repair service, make sure to ask the provider or car glass specialist about safety measures that will be applied when they repair your automobile. If the car glass needs to be replaced, ask what brand and kind of glass will be used. This is important, especially when asking for quotes. You should also know as to when you can drive your car again once the work has been completed.

The process auto glass repair basically involves the application of some chemicals to the glass that will cause it to thaw out and repair the crack. This will not cost you more than replacing your windshield. But please be aware that this process is for small cracks or chips only. Windshield replacement is often the best option when the cracks are severe or less than three (3) inches away from the glass edge. Like any other crack or chip in your auto glass, take action immediately.

Getting Multiple Auto Glass Repair Quotes

Several people make the mistake of enlisting the services of the first auto glass repair specialist that they come across. Before you choose an auto glass repair service provider or mechanic, you should take auto glass repair quotes from multiple specialists then finalize which one you think can offer you good service. A better solution to find multiple mechanics is to visit some websites with a list of multiple mechanics. These sites provide simple and effective means of getting auto glass repair quotes and links to providers near you. You can search by location or specialties.

Auto Glass Repair Tips

When searching for an auto glass repair specialist and getting quotes from them, consider some things that could help you think about your budget easily. Make sure to ask for exact quotes – no more or less! This is crucial in budgeting all your expenditures. See to it that the provider is reputable and has a good track record. Ensure that the person you are going to hire is really a specialist or well experienced when it comes to auto glass repair. Before you hire someone, ask what safety measures will be applied during the repair or replacement, whichever the case of your auto glass may be.

Some issues you need to pay attention:

Avoid DIY - Unless you have some specific experience repairing windshields, avoid DIY jobs. There are many websites today that will sell you windshield repair kits and manuals that tell you how to repair windshields but this is not really a good idea. You are compromising on safety. For one, if you do not do it properly, if you have an impact, it will not hold you in. The other danger is that if you have an accident, because your windshield was already weak, it will shatter and this increased the chance of injury through flying and broken glass.

Don't let your insurance dictate - When it comes to windshield repair, you have the right to choose where you want them done. In everyday accident situations, your carrier will advise where you should take your car. Since a windshield is so sensitive and plays such a big part in saving lives in an accident, you can choose where you want to have it done. The best time to tell your insurance company where you want to go is when you call in to report the accident or as soon as you notice cracks. It reduces the back and forth of paperwork.

How to prevent windshield cracks from spreading?

There are various available methods to prevent the windshield crack to spread. You can go through the following methods so that the cleaning will be done very efficiently and further spread of damage can be arrested.

  1. The cracked area can be cleaned by using acetone. The crack should be filled with super glue. You should apply a layer and should allow the layer to dry completely before the application of another layer. You should apply a few light layers so that the crack will not spread quickly.
  2. If you notice a crack on the windshield, you should take steps so that it will not spread and the windshield replacement can be postponed. There should not be any visibility issues with this process. The damaged area should be cleaned with dish soap and warm water. You should ensure that the windshield is dry and apply clear nail polish. Believe it or not but this can help with the further spread of windshield crack. Thus, the windshield damage can be arrested in an effortless manner.

The above-mentioned methods can be implemented to contain the spread of windshield crack on a temporary basis.

What can you do, especially in cold weather to make sure that windshield is protected?

  • When it's cold or hot, crack your windows open every once in a while to let air in. When its hot, and you have your AC on, the temperature inside the car is cold and outside its hot, and the difference in temperature could cause cracks. Likewise, when it is cold outside and inside your car is warm, your windshield could crack. Using the same logic, do not use a defroster in winter, or an ice scraper both will cause cracks to get worse.
  • Don't wash your car when you have a crack on your windshield. Wait until it is repaired the water temperature, which we adjust to suit how we feel about the temperature that day, could cause the car to expand or contract and for your windshield to expand even more.
  • Slamming the doors is bad for a cracked windshield. It is the weakest part of your car, and the impact causes cracks to lengthen.

Based on the size and condition of the crack, you should assess the damage. If cracks are too long or there are multiple cracks, you should take your vehicle to the windshield repair shop so that experts can address this issue. If the crack is beyond the repair, windshield replacement might be the only solution.

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