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Find Cheap Car Insurance in Arizona

Choosing car insurance quotes can be a hard task, especially if you are presented with a wide selection from which to choose. Many car insurance companies that conduct their businesses in Arizona provide cheap car insurance in AZ. Such companies include AIG, GEICO, Nationwide, Allstate and many others. Although the car insurance policies that are underwritten by these companies may be the same, the particular details of what they cover may differ. This fact presents a challenge in choosing the right cheap car insurance AZ to buy.

Every Arizona car owner makes all efforts to be able to pay the lowest car insurance premium as much as possible. This makes it necessary to determine the kind of car insurance cover you need to have. You can only do this by first analyzing the risks on your side. This serves as a guide in picking the right Arizona car insurance quotes that are relevant to your needs.

After determining your car insurance needs, you may go ahead and request for the relevant quotes from as many companies as you can and make comparisons. You may be surprised at how some quotes are low, while providing the same cover as an expensive cover y a different company. You can get Arizona car insurance quotes from various companies by directly telephoning her offices or visiting their websites. The companies are always ready to provide their clients and potential clients with such information. Although this exercise may take some of your time, the result is certainly satisfying.

Arizona State law, like in some other States, follows a Tort system. The system stipulates that for any accident, a party has to be blamed. The party, and his/her insurance company must therefore meet all liabilities pertaining to the accident.

Those buying new cars for the first time are not the only people who need to look for affordable car insurance premiums. If you already own a car and understand insurance, you still need to do regular Arizona car insurance quotes shopping to see whether you are unnecessarily paying high premiums or not. The rates of car insurance premiums have been dropping significantly in the State of Arizona in the past few years and it would be to your advantage if you shopped for the low rates that are on offer now.

Arizona Car Insurance Laws

Buying a new car in Arizona? No matter how much that car will cost you, make sure you leave enough budget to show proof of your financial responsibility. Otherwise, registering your vehicle might pose some problems.

Arizona law requires vehicle owners to show proof of financial responsibility prior to registration regardless of vehicle type. It can be a motorcycle, a golf cart or some luxury vehicle. No matter what vehicle you own, you will only be able to register it subjects to this requirement. Financial responsibility may be shown in many ways including the following:

  • Insurance certificate
  • Surety bond
  • Certificate of cash deposit amounting to $40,000

The State of Arizona also requires drivers to carry with them their car insurance. Proof of this must be shown at all times, especially when you get involved in accident. If you are buying a new vehicle, you can show proof of your insurance at the time of registration or up to 30 days after registration.

It is not however enough to show proof that you have insurance. You also have to show proof that such insurance is valid now as verified by your insurer. Once your insurance is cancelled, the insurer is required by law to report such cancellation to the Department of Motor Vehicle. And unless you get a new insurance, you will not be allowed to drive your vehicle.

Unless you can show proof of your financial responsibility when stopped by an enforcement officer, you are liable to pay the following fines:

  • 1st violation-fine of $500 and suspension of plates, registration, and driver’s license for 3 months
  • 2nd violation-fine of $750 and suspension of plates, registration, and license for 6 months
  • 3rd violation-fine of $1000 and suspension of plates, registration, and license for one year

In order to solve this problem, it is sufficient to provide the court with evidence that you have an insurance covering the date of the ticket and the court refuses this violation. Normally, your insurance card in your car should show the valid dates of your policy and the problem is solved as long as the date of the ticket corresponds to these dates.

Requirements for Car Insurance

It is important that you get your car insurance from a company authorized by the State of Arizona. I'd you are unsure about your provider’s status, it is easy to check on this using the website of the Arizona Department of Insurance.

Arizona car insurance liability minimums are a few of the lowest within the country, but that does not mean that coverage comes inexpensive. The State of Arizona demands 15/30/10 in coverage, which translates to $15,000 for individual medical expenses, $30,000 for two or much more people’s medical expenses, and $10,000 for property harm expenses caused by an accident for which you are at fault.It is important to remember this will only cover the people in the other car and you will not be covered at all if you are at fault in the accident. Because the minimums are so low, it’s suggested to buy extra coverage when purchasing car insurance in Arizona.

If you do not carry insurance in Arizona, you will be in danger of having your registration revoked and possibly losing your license. The Arizona car insurance company will alert the MVD that your car no longer has insurance coverage. It can be expensive to reinstate your policy and often fees will be applied before you can buy a new policy. It is never a good idea to drive anywhere with a car that does not have Arizona car insurance.

If you want hassle-free driving in Arizona then make sure you comply with the basic requirements of the state’s insurance law. But if you want peace of mind then add full coverage car insurance to your policy as it covers glass breakage, falling objects, explosion, vandalism, theft, and other unforeseen incidents.

Discovering Arizona car insurance quotes which are inexpensive and compliant isn’t a tough job. Whenever you know where to look and what the laws are in Arizona concerning driver responsibility, you’ll choose the proper insurance. Every cars, SUVs, mopeds, motorcycles – on the road should have liability insurance from a business authorized to sell insurance in Arizona. By comparing AZ car insurance quotes, you can make sure that the policy you buy permits you to fulfill your obligations. Moreover, you would like a policy that also considers your rights as an insured driver.

Arizona Insurance Versus SR22

A lot of people get confused over the intricacies of the Arizona Auto Insurance such that they tend to believe that auto insurance is the same as the SR22. While an insurance company produces or fills up the SR22, it is nevertheless not auto insurance.

The confusion is understandable especially for those who are new to Arizona and the state’s traffic rules and regulations. SR22 is a certification or document which proves that an individual car owner is covered by auto insurance. Arizona’s law requires that all car owners carry with them proof of their financial responsibility their capacity to pay for any liability that may arise out of an auto accident.

If there is one common thing about auto insurance and SR22, it would be the involvement of an insurance company in the filing process. Aside from printing the document, the insurers also forward and process the SR22 to the concerned government office. In exchange for that, the insurers can charge a reasonable fee for the processing of your SR22.

The courts need to be assured that drivers are complying with the state law on financial responsibility. There are many instances when you will need to show proof of your financial responsibility including the following:

  • Lack of auto insurance coverage
  • Suspended license
  • Driving under the influence
  • Driving while intoxicated

One way or another, the SR22 can save the day when you are caught violating driving laws in Arizona. If you are a high risk driver such as when you have been involved in driving violations without auto insurance, then the Department of Motor Vehicles would like to make sure that in case you commit the same violations again, that you have enough to cover your ground as well as those injured by your actions.

Moving To A New State

Different States have different car insurance regulations that you have to abide by. By living in the State of Arizona, you're driving license and your car insurance cover conform to the State's insurance regulations, which may not be the same with those of a State you may be relocating to.

Moving from Arizona to another State therefore requires that you switch your car insurance cover. While some States grant you a grace period in which you can make the necessary changes, others such as Massachusetts do not grant any grace period. This makes it necessary to make early arrangements to obtain the necessary documents that conform to the regulations of the State you are moving to. This requires prior planning and ascertaining what will be required of you in the other State.

Like all car insurance companies operating in other States, Arizona State car insurance companies do require that you provide them with the information of where your garage is, and you need to inform them of any change in a garage. By changing State, your insurance company may cancel your car insurance policy, unless your car insurance company is that which operates nationally. Even if your company is national, it still will have to look at other factors such as the locality you are moving to, factors that may definitely affect the amount of premium you pay. Such factors may either make you pay high or low premiums. It is therefore important to ask your company and provide it with all the necessary information before you move.

In case your car insurance company operates only within the State of Arizona, it will cancel the policy immediately you move. This in effect forces you to make prior arrangements with a car insurance company in the other State to have appropriate car insurance cover. Almost all States have enacted laws barring car insurance companies from cancelling car insurance policies before the next renewal date. As such, you need to inform your car insurance company well in advance of your intention to change State.

Arizona car insurance quotes and car insurance policies are granted to you after proving that you are a resident of AZ. This is the same in other States. The car insurance company you engage in the State that you are about to move to will require that you prove your residence status. You can do this by availing evidence of employment in the State, opening a bank account, home ownership or providing the State's utility bills.

Just like in Arizona where you took time to consider the various Arizona car insurance quotes, you need to do the same for the State you are about to move to (unless you are dealing with a national car insurance company). You need to research and know different car insurance companies in the other State and compare their car insurance quotes to choose that which is relevant and suitable for you. More importantly, you need to ascertain the other State's mandatory car insurance policies.

Moving to Arizona

Before you think of driving your car on Arizona State roads, you need to be conversant with what is expected of you in car insurance and the law. You need to undertake all procedures to ensure that you're driving license, your car, and insurance cover conform to the State's laws.

You must have an Arizona driver license to be allowed to drive on Arizona roads. In addition, your car has to be registered for it to be on the road. Acquiring Arizona driver license and registering your car however requires that you first register as an Arizona resident. You can register as an Arizona resident in several ways:

  • You work in Arizona(You have to provide proof of such work, which should not be for a seasonal period.)
  • You are registered as a voter in the State.
  • You own and operate a business in the State.
  • You have been residing in the State for seven cumulative months in a given year.

With proof of residence, you proceed and apply for an Arizona driver license, of which you must provide your social security number, at least two forms of identification and a passport photo. Do remember that an Arizona car driver license does not qualify you to drive a commercial vehicle or other motor vehicle for that matter.

After obtaining Arizona driver license, you may proceed and register your car with a motor vehicle department. If you have a car from another State, you must register it immediately you come under Arizona State jurisdiction. You need to have several documents for your car to be registered. These are:

  • A duly completed and signed car registration application form.
  • Car inspection report.
  • In case you are from another State, your previous registration.
  • In case you are from another State, the car's plates.
  • In case you are from another State, that State's clearance form.

Upon registering your car, you definitely need to take care of your car's insurance. The amount of time that you will need to do this depends on whether your previous car insurance cover was underwritten by your previous State car insurance company, or a national car insurance company. In case your car was covered by a State car insurance company, you will need to ascertain mandatory Arizona car insurance quotes and shop for those that you can comfortably afford. If you have engaged a national car insurance company, you need to inform them of the change of State. It is highly recommended that you notify your car insurance company before you arrive in Arizona.

Arizona Car Insurance Rates

Arizona car insurance rates average minimum prices are

Arizona Minimum Car Insurance Coverage : $562 - $754

Arizona Minimum Full Coverage Car Insurance : $1,329 - $1,581

Arizona Minimum Car Insurance Coverage for Young Drivers : $1,282 - $1,576

Arizona Minimum Full Coverage Car Insurance for Young Drivers : $2,049 - $2,343

Average car insurance Arizona per month : $46 - $195

Important Factors Influencing Car Insurance Rates in Arizona

City Speed Limits 25 mph residential and business districts - 15 mph school zones
Freeway Speed Limits 65 mph - 70 mph , as posted
Blood Alcohol Limits BAC is 0.08 . If a driver is younger than 21 any percentage . If the driver is using commercial vehicle 0.04%
Open Container Law Both the driver and passenger of vehicles are prohibited from possessing open alcohol. (whether empty or not)
Cell Phones Laws School bus drivers , new drivers (six months) and younger than 18 drivers are prohibited from using a cell phone or wireless device.
License Suspension on DUI 12 months license suspension, less than 10 days in jail, minimum fine of $1,250
License Suspension on DWI Same DUI

Find Cheap Car Insurance in Arizona

There are many matters that have an impact on the price of motor car insurance. Obviously, prices vary from one insurance organization to another, so you would be wise to evaluate rates methodically before you acquire your car insurance. The first factor that has an impact on the cost of your car insurance is, obviously, what make and model of car you drive. For example, a fast and sleek sports car will cost you more money to cover than a family sedan. In case you own a car that has been known to be popular with car thieves, your online car insurance will probably be more costly. Essentially, though, your online motor vehicle ins will be based on the value of the car.

Yet another determinant that impacts car insure expenses is where you reside. In case you live in a neighborhood in which many car collisions or other accidents have taken place, or trouble resulting in willful destruction of property, online cars insure will naturally come at a higher price. As an example, because more vehicles are damaged within urban communities when compared with vehicle damage incidence in countryside areas, you will most likely have to have a larger cash outlay for an online car insurance if you stay in a metropolitan region.

How often you drive your car will equally have an effect on your car insurance online expenses. The more frequently you are likely to use your car, so much more are the odds that you might be involved in accident. Individuals who travel long distances to commute to work will certainly have a higher cost than people who live close to their place of business. Conversely, in case you just use your automobile on Saturdays and Sundays, your vehicle insure costs ought to be smaller, compared to a driver that commutes to his/her place of business each day.

The remaining elements that have an impact on the charges for motor vehicle insurance relate to the person you are. Your age, gender, marital status, and driver`s profile are all taken into account when you acquire a car online insurance contract. The occurrence of car mishaps are greater for drivers who are below 25, so in case you are youthful, expect to spend some more. Aside from that, accident rates are greater for young men in the 19-24 age group and unmarried males. It`s not really fair, you`d think, but when you happen to be 19 and unmarried, your online car insurance premiums are bound to be affected. In case you're driving profile is spotless; however, your fees will certainly be lower. Obviously, drivers who have a tendency to break traffic rules or are frequently involved in car-crashes are going to have to spend a larger amount of money to get insurance than drivers of good standing are required to spend.

If these cost concerns are beginning to put you off, don't get all hot and bothered. There are a number of ways to ensure you pay lower car coverages on line rates. There`re four primary approaches that will help you keep car insurance charges down. It`s possible that you fall into any of the situations described below. In case you fall within any of these descriptions, you might be able to avoid paying high rates on your online car insurance, no matter what the value of your car.

1. If you are eager to buy yourself a vehicle, check out the advantages of purchasing a vehicle that `looks good` to from the perspective of online car insurance establishments. As a case in point, insurance companies recognize what kinds of car are statistically more likely to cause problems.

2. These establishments are also familiar with what models of cars are stolen most often. If you haven't purchased your vehicle yet, ask around to identify which cars belong to the `safe list` by asking car insurance establishments.

3. Most motor vehicle insurance organizations offer policyholders reduced rates for several different reasons - for example, being good students, multi-car policies, as well as consistently safe driving are all worth a rate reduction. Make inquiries with insurance organizations regarding particular reduced rates that may be available to you.

4. Give serious thought to carpooling or even availing of public transport to reach office or your workplace. The less frequently you use your car, the less you`ll have to pay for your on line car coverage.


There are very many car insurance companies in the State of Arizona. Some of these companies are national while others only conduct their insurance business within the State. All of these companies offer varied discounts to their existing clients and potential clients.

Taking advantage of these discounts can see you accumulate huge savings on the amount of monthly, quarterly or yearly premiums you pay. Most of these discounts however depend on your own driving habits and discipline on the road, resulting in you not being involved in unnecessary accidents that could be avoided.

Some of the car insurance policy discounts that Arizona residents enjoy include:

  1. Pet insurance cover - It is not common to find Arizona car insurance companies underwriting pet insurance. However, when you take out a car insurance policy, one or two of your pets are covered under the same policy. If your pet is injured in an accident involving your car, your insurance company pays a set limit to cover for veterinary expenses. Most Arizona car insurance companies have set the above limit at $500.
  2. Safety courses - Some Arizona car insurance companies conduct regular courses for drivers and car owners. A driver or car owner who successfully completes the course is rated and qualifies to pay reduced premium. Such courses take days and taking advantage of them can see you benefit by paying low premium.
  3. Accident-free driving - Some Arizona car insurance companies reward drivers who go over three years without being involved in an accident or receiving tickets. Such drivers pay extremely low premium rates. Maintaining this trend for several years allows you to qualify for further premium rate cuts.
  4. Safety features - Most cars in Arizona are bought with standard safety features such as airbags and seatbelts. Some insurance companies offer great discounts on premium if you install extra safety features that go a long way in minimizing injuries in case of an accident.
  5. Insurance bundle - Arizona car insurance companies offer handsome premium discounts if you engage them for all your insurance needs. If, in particular, you have two or more cars and you engage only one car insurance company, you are bound to accumulate good savings.
  6. Support - Certain Arizona insurance companies provide home support during recuperation period after you are involved in an accident and you are unable to continue with your daily routine.
  7. It is highly likely that your teenagers will occasionally use your car. Some Az car insurance companies have very low offers on premium if you decide to buy our teens car insurance. While it may seem expensive, it goes along way in establishing a positive record for your teens with a car insurance company.

These are running discount programs by various car insurance companies in Arizona. The companies also do offer other types of instant discounts that you can pick up and help in reducing the amount of premium that you pay. In order to benefit from these offers and discounts, it requires that you constantly be on the lookout for them.

Common Mistakes

Below, we’ll describe several mistakes you’ll want to avoid making if you care about your premiums. Each one will cause them to rise.

Purchasing The Wrong Vehicle

A lot of vehicles have a history of frequent and expensive claims. The reasons vary. For example, some cars are stolen more often than others. Some offer little protection for passengers, who suffer injuries during accidents.

The claims history of every vehicle is tracked by make, model, and year. Each one then receives a score. Insurers use these scores to assess the risk of future claims associated with the respective vehicles. If you buy the wrong one, you might end up paying higher rates.

Get Caught Driving Under The Influence

This should not come as surprise. If you are convicted of driving under the influence, your insurance company will dramatically raise your premiums (or, they may simply cancel your policy). The level of risk attached to drunk drivers is enormous since they are more likely to cause collisions that result in extensive property damage and injuries.

Attract Tickets For Traffic Violations

Any traffic violation has the potential to boost your rates. But some violations are more serious than others, and likely to get your insurance company’s attention. Examples include speeding, driving distracted, and running a red light.

You’re not legally obligated to tell your insurance company that you received a ticket. But it won’t remain a secret for long. Most traffic violations are placed on your driving record, which your insurer checks on a regular basis.

Cause A Collision (With Or Without Another Driver)

Causing an accident will definitely cause your premiums to rise. In some cases, drivers watch their rates double, or even triple, following collision. If your insurance company offers a feature called accident forgiveness, it may be willing to “protect” your rates from a major increase. But this feature, when it is offered, is usually reserved for those with a spotless driving record.

Add Unnecessary Aftermarket Components To Your Car

There are a lot of ways to enhance your vehicle with aftermarket parts. Some upgrades are primarily for aesthetics, such as a rear spoiler, quality rims, or string of neon lights around the frame. Other enhancements are designed to provide a boost in performance. These include a turbocharger, modified exhaust header, or a high-performance computer chip.

Certain modifications can be very costly to repair or replace. If the upgrades on your vehicle cost more than $500 (collectively), expect your insurer to raise your premiums. Doing so compensates it for the added risk of covering the aftermarket parts.

Keep Coverages You Don’t Need

Accident benefits, third-party liability, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverages are required in most provinces and territories. The only aspect about them you can control is the amount you purchase (above a certain floor). Most other coverages are optional.

A lot of drivers choose to carry collision and comprehensive coverages. Both can be valuable in certain circumstances, but both are also very expensive. If you have an older car with a low replacement value, it may be a good idea to drop them.

Submit Numerous Small Claims

Some people submit string of relatively small claims to take advantage of their coverages. This is often the case with those who carry low deductibles. Many car insurance companies will respond by raising these policyholders’ premiums.

Resist the temptation to submit small, unnecessary claims. They might allow you to save money in the short run, but you’ll pay more over the long run through higher premiums.

Neglect To Shop Around For Lower Rate

You probably realize that rates vary between companies. Sometimes, the margin between two competing quotes is substantial. But are you actively comparing quotes from other insurers to the rates you’re currently paying?

Most people renew their policies each year without shopping around for a better price. As a result, they usually pay more than necessary for their coverages. Don’t make this same mistake. Take the time to compare quotes at least once a year

If you’re trying to keep your rates low, make sure you’re not inadvertently sabotaging your efforts. Although it may seem otherwise, you have a lot of control over how much you pay for car insurance.