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The Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies Reviews

Hello, and welcome. Here you will find the best cheap car insurance companies in 2018. I’ve done a lot of research on all of the companies listed here, and I’m confident you will find one the suits your needs, at a price you can afford. I’ve tested and reviewed all of these companies to give you the highest chance possible of choosing the right one.

I’ve written a personal review for each car insurance company and these are my true thoughts on them.

Of course, there can never be one perfect end-all company for every person, so I advise you to look at both the pros and cons of every company to get at least a general idea about them.

In these car insurance company reviews I will be giving, I will list the pros, the cons, the affordability, and my overall personal view of the company. Of course, these things can vary wildly from person to person, that’s why I think you should simply read the reviews, check out the companies for yourself and decide on your own.

There are many different factors when it comes to which is the best car insurance company for you. Price seems to be the main one of most people, understandably of course. Who wants to pay more for something, when they can get it cheaper? But you also have to keep in mind, the price isn’t everything.

Imagine if you got into an accident, and your insurance didn’t cover it. Sure, you may have saved $200 a month on this insurance, but now you’re out three grand because of it. The best car insurance won’t be the cheapest, you can trust me on that. Even if you think you’ll never have an accident, that you’re the most careful driver in the world…

It can happen.

It may not be your fault, but you would need good insurance to cover the damage, nonetheless. A good car insurance also has good customer service, when you DO have an accident, you want the recovery process to be as fast and painless as possible. So, here in this article, I’ve dedicated to giving you, the reader, a real chance at picking the right car insurance for you.

GEICO Car Insurance Reviews

My Geico Car Insurance Reviews Score 8.5/10

So, we all know about Geico, with their funny, British sounding mascot, the gecko. Geico, as their commercials tell you over and over, is all about saving you money. 15% in 15 minutes, right? It surely could very well save you money, but it’s definitely not the cheapest option there is.

Even so, I think Geico is a very well rounded option. It IS affordable and has good customer service, nice plans and a variety of different options to choose from.

In addition to the basics car insurance companies offer, Geico goes above the fold and offers a few special things as well, these include:

Emergency Road Service - This is a service that can help you when you’re, let’s just say, immobile. So, you have a flat tire? Covered. Dead battery? Check. Did you accidentally lock your keys inside of your car? No problem. Geico can assist you with these things and more with their inexpensive Emergency Road Service plan, starting at a reasonable price of $14 per year.

They can also tow your car if the problem can’t be fixed right then and their. Coverage goes up to $100, though, so don’t expect you can run over a sheet of spikes and do a barrel roll into a bonfire and not have to pay anything!

Rental Reimbursement - So, you had an accident and your car is in the shop for repairs? No problem. Geico will help pay for the rental car you’re going to be using while you wait for your car to be repaired. This doesn’t cover the costs of gas or mileage, however, so you should only use it when you really need to.

You will choose your limits on what is and isn’t covered. If your plan is for $30 per day, then that’s what Geico will pay until your car is out and about again, or until the “per claim amount” is used up. For example, you have a daily Geico coverage of $50 on the rental car, but a per claim coverage of $1000. That means you can use $50 per day for 20 days, then it will be used up. After that, everything else will come from your pocket.

Mechanical Breakdown Coverage - If you have a car that’s less than 15 months old, and with less than 15K miles on it, you are eligible for this plan. This plan covers all parts, pieces, and systems of your car, typically more than the car dealer’s warranty. If you have a bad headlight, for example, this plan covers it, need a new engine or transmission? It covers it. Don’t buy that expensive extended warranty from your dealer when you could get better coverage for less.

GEICO Car Insurance Pros

  • Affordable.
  • Reliable.
  • Many great options to choose from.
  • Good Customer Service.
  • Well rounded insurance altogether.

GEICO Car Insurance Cons

There is really only one serious con I have to address and this is the same with most car insurance providers, and that asks the question: are you a preferred driver?

If the answer is no, you’ll probably have to pay more. To get a general idea if you are, read the list of things that will make you a preferred driver. The more you can say you are, the better.

  • If you’re a man, are you older than 25?
  • If you’re a woman, are you older than 21?
  • Do you have a clean driving record?
  • Do you have higher than high-school level education?
  • Are you a government employee? (More like a discount if you are, not paying more if you aren’t).

Geico Car Insurance Review Summary:

All-in-all, I would say Geico is a very good car insurance company. They have special rates, plans and are trustworthy. For this, I give them an 8.5 out of 10.

State Farm Car Insurance Reviews

My State Farm Car Insurance Reviews Score 9.1/10

“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”

I’m sure you’ve heard this a few times, and in my experience, it rings true. One of the special things about State Farm is that they give you a personal agent you that will be there for you, whenever you need. In person, over e-mail, over the phone, whichever way suits you best.

Another reason I really like State Farm car insurance is that of the massive amounts of discounts they offer for various things. I’m going to go over these discounts a little bit further down the page, but for now, I’d like to give an overall impression of them.

State Farm really is one of the best car insurance companies because of several factors. The main one being their huge list of discounts, but another important one is how professional their team is. They are quick to help you when you need, and more often than not, do more than the minimum of what’s needed.

So, let’s move onto the discounts because everyone loves spending less money!

Accident-Free Driving Discount - As long as you’ve gone at least three years without an accident, you can save as much as 10% on your car insurance. It’s not THAT hard to not have an accident in three years, right?

Good Student Discount - Are you under 25 and worried that car insurance companies are going to charge you a fortune for car insurance? Well, as long as you do well in school and get good grades, you can save up to 25%. These savings continue even after you leave college until you’re 25.

Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount - Another one for people under 25. You can hone your driving skills and save money at the same time! If you take their Steer Clear Driving course and have no accidents (at your fault) within the past three years, and you can save up to 15%.

Multiple Car Discount - Have more than one car to the family? Great, you can save 20% just with that!

Multiple Insurance Discount - State Farm doesn’t only ensure cars, but also many other aspects of your life as well. If you are insured with them in home insurance, life, condo or renter’s insurance, you can save up to 17%.

Drive Less and Save Discount Program - If you drive your car less, and have an eligible car, and agree to share some of your driving information with State Farm, not only can you save up to 5%, but another whopping 50% on future renewals!

Defensive Driving Course Discount - This is a matter of where you live, but taking a driving course can save you another 5%. You’ll need to contact State Farm to see if you’re in an eligible location.

So, hypothetically, if you were to meet every one of these discounts, you can save… hold on… 97%! THOSE are some HUGE savings! Of course, it’s a bit unrealistic to meet EVERY one of the discounts, but there are very good savings to be had there.

SO! On to the pros and cons of State Farm car insurance.

State Farm Car Insurance Pros

  • The discounts, obviously, there are not only many but ones that are not out of reach.
  • High-quality services.
  • Professional team and friendly customer service.
  • Affordable (even before the discounts).
  • Very good coverage.

State Farm Car Insurance Cons

If you don’t qualify for any of the discounts, there are probably cheaper options (if the price is the only factor you care about).

State Farm Car Insurance Review Summary:

That wraps up the State Farm review. Overall, it’s a top-class insurer, really focused on the customers above anything else.

Erie Car Insurance Reviews

My Erie Car Insurance Reviews Score 9.6/10

The reason I gave it Erie such a good score? You’ll see. This car insurance company has options I’ve really never seen before. I’m excited to get into this and tell you all about them, but first, I need to tell you that this isn’t all that big of a company like Geico or State Farm, and they’re currently not available in most states.

Erie Car Insurance Coverage

I’m not going to tell you that they’ll pay for a new car if yours is damaged, blah, blah, blah. I’m going to sum that up into “Standard Coverage,” and that’s of course included in Erie Insurance. Instead, I’m going to skip right along to the interesting, high-value protection they offer.

First, let me ask a question: Do you have a pet? If the answer is yes, great! The Erie Insurance Group goes above and beyond what is expected out of them. If about an automobile accident, your pet is injured, they will help cover the costs of the vet treatment. Of course, like with everything, there is a limit to how much they will pay for you, so best keep them safe.

This covers up to two dogs or cats, and they will pay up to $500 for each of them. This coverage is automatically included in your policy, so there’s no extra increase because of it.

If you’re one that likes to travel, they’ve got you covered (and by travel, going to the supermarket is included). So, let’s say you were on your way to New Orleans for some fun, and something just happens to happen. If that something is covered by Erie, they’ll help pay for a hotel room and something to eat (the amount is $75 per person). This coverage is activated when you couldn’t get to where you wanted to go, due to an unforeseen obstacle.

They also cover personal property loss, as long as the property was in the car that’was insured by them. The amount that they will cover goes up to $350.

Locked your keys in your car by mistake? This is another coverage option that can really come in handy. They will send out a locksmith and get that door open for you.

This is an optional option with its own fees.

One last special thing I would like to talk about is something called Rate Lock. This is something new that I’ve recently come across and basically it means, the amount you’re paying for their car insurance won’t change. Even if you file a claim, your rates won’t increase. Of course, there are still some things that will change it, like adding a driver or car, moving, or changing the amount of coverage you’re getting.

he good thing about that is that there won’t be any surprise with it. You’ll know when the rate will increase or decrease because you’ll actually have to do something for that to happen.

Anyway, onto the discounts, we go!

Erie Car Insurance Discounts

Erie car insurance has many discounts, as the best car insurance companies do. These range from young driver discounts, to old driver discounts, to safe driving, less driving, and so much more (not to sound like a late night infomercial, but it is what it is). There are discounts for every aspect of your insurance. And guess what, like Allstate and USAA, they also offer accident forgiveness!

Most of their discounts are nothing really out of the ordinary except a few. First one is what they call “Feature 15.” This is interesting. After being insured by Erie for more than 15 years (yes, years), you basically have a permanent accident forgiveness feature.

If you’re interested in the very specificness of these discounts, I advise you to check out their site.

Erie Car Insurance Pros

  • Their focus is on customer service, and it’s great, even though I haven’t said much about that (a bit too excited from the unique things they offer).
  • Many specific, unique products available from them.
  • Lots of discounts.
  • Very affordable.

Erie Car Insurance Cons

  • It’s only available in 12 states. Check their site to know which ones.
  • And out of those, North Carolina is one. And if you happen to live there, you can’t benefit from most of the coverage options and discounts they offer.

Erie Car Insurance Review Summary:

If you happen to live in one of the 12 states (and hopefully not North Caroline, for reasons above) then you’ve hit a goldmine of an opportunity with Erie car insurance. I used to live in Wisconsin (one of the accepted states) but recently moved away. Shame.

USAA Car Insurance Reviews

My USAA Car Insurance Reviews Score 9.2/10

Perhaps you haven’t heard as much about USAA as you have about, let’s say Geico, or one of the others that heavily advertise their companies (or maybe I’m just not watching T.V. that much anymore). But anyway, USAA (United Services Automobile Association, if you were curious) was a very strong company, with many great perks.

(NOTE: USAA car insurance is only available to military personnel and their families. So, even if you’re a wife/husband/daughter/son of an active or retiree, you should qualify. Honorably discharged retirees and their families are also eligible).

Customers of USAA all around always seem to have pleasant experiences with them, noting the amazing customer service, affordable price and the ease of filing a claim after an accident. In a single sentence, those are the main advantages of USAA, but of course, I’ll go into greater detail.

USAA Car Insurance Coverage

First, we’ll start with their great coverage. USAA, like Allstate, has a little something called Accident Forgiveness (not available in CT, DE, NC, and CA). Typically, when you have an accident and need to use your insurance to cover the damages, your price skyrockets, and you have to pay more from then on. With Accident Forgiveness, however, your first accident is, well… Forgiven! This means that your rates won’t increase. To qualify, however, you must already be a good driver.

They also offer 12-month policies, which means if you just want to give them a “test drive” for a year, that’s fine. Hehe… Test drive. You know, because… Car insurance… Nevermind. Anyway, speaking of policies, they also guarantee that they will never drop you, even if you happen to have many accidents or violations of traffic laws.

Roadside assistance is another option, good if you think you’ll need help when you break down in the middle of nowhere. A rental Reimbursement is a coverage option that will help pay for your rental car while yours is getting its repairs.

USAA Car Insurance Discounts

Next, we” ll go on to the discounts. The discounts are plenty, but a bit stricter than other car insurance companies. First, like most, they have a good driver discount, but instead of the usual three years of good driving, you need five years (not available in HI and MA).

They also have a basic and defensive driving course. Pass them both and reap the discount (discounts vary by state).

Along with that, if you’re a student with good grades, that comes with its own discount as well (not available in HI, and NC.).

There is a Loyal Member discount, so that means, the longer you stay with them the more you save. Relevant to that, if you continue your parent’s plan with USAA car insurance, that comes with additional savings. Having multiple insurances from USAA also gives a discount.

Ensuring a car that’s less than three years old? Discount. Ensuring more than one car? Discount. Don’t drive that much? Discount (the less you drive, the more you save).

USAA Car Insurance Pros

  • Most people who switch to USAA save a ton of money per year (almost $500 on average).
  • Excellent, fast, professional, and friendly customer service.
  • Plenty of discounts.
  • The easy process when filing a claim.
  • Coverage is great. Accident Forgiveness is one feature many car insurance companies don’t have.
  • Their financial stability is among the best in the business, so you know you’re safe with them.

USAA Car Insurance Cons

  • You must be a part of the military or have someone in your immediate family who is to be eligible for this insurance.
  • Some of the discounts are a little harder to get on than other car insurers, some states don’t provide them, and there are sometimes many things to pass before being eligible.

USAA Car Insurance Bottom Line:

I would say, if you qualify to be insured by USAA, go for it! I can say with confidence that they are one of the best insurers there are, unfortunately, it’s not available to everyone.

Allstate Car Insurance Reviews

My Allstate Car Insurance Reviews Score 9.0/10

Allstate’s slogan is “you’re in good hands”, and I believe they stand by that promise. They’re dedicated to not only saving you money but by protecting you in several ways. They have many special coverage options and discounts that other insurance companies don’t offer. We’re going to first go over their coverage options.

Allstate Car Insurance Coverage

Of course, they have the basic collision coverage, for when your car is damaged from an accident, but they also cover damage from natural disasters, like storms and even thieves. If you’re in an accident and injured, they can help pay for the medical expenses, or, god-forbid, funeral expenses.

Like USAA, they have accident forgiveness. That means your first accident will be forgiven, and your premium won’t increase because of it.

If you’re in an accident, and your car needs to go into the repair shop, they will help pay for the rental car you’ll need while yours is unavailable. This is known as Rental Reimbursement, and many car insurers provide this.

Allstate will also cover the costs of replacing the sound system/ audio, video equipment in the event that it was damaged or stolen. Tire replacement and the labor of changing them can also be covered. There are many other coverage options available, but I thought I’d only list the most important ones.

Let’s go ahead and move on to their many discounts. Again, since there are so many, I’m only going to list the ones I’m sure many people can use and benefit from.

Allstate Car Insurance Discounts

They have a special discount which I’ve never really seen before, in this way. It’s a sort of safe-driver discount, but a bit more special. It’s called Drivewise. If your someone who always obeys the traffic rules, you can benefit from this massively.

What happens, is when you decide you want to do this, you install a little device in your car that tracks your driving habits. You can save by driving less than 30 miles a day, by following the speed limit, by driving at only “safe hours” of the day, and by never “hard stopping,” so slamming on your brakes, more or less.

Unfortunately, this discount isn’t available in all states, but I wanted to list it here because it’s something that makes Allstate stand apart. Follow all of those rules, and you can save up to 30%.

Alongside that, there is the typical safe driver discount. So, go three years without an accident and save up to 22%. These savings go up to 35% when there are no accidents in five years.

There are some car-specific discounts as well. For example, if you have a car made with airbags and motorized seat-belts, there’s another 30% off. Does your car have an anti-theft device or anti-lock brakes installed? 10% off for each. If your car is new (less than 2 years old) you gain another 30% off.

If you use their automatic withdrawal system, you get 5% off just for that and another 10% if you pay all of your policy at once. You can also save by having more than just Allstate car insurance. Purchasing their home, rentals, or life insurance grants their own savings.

If you’re a teen, there are a couple of good discounts for you as well. Having good grades gives a discount, and if you complete their TeenSmart driving course, you’ll save more.

There are several more, but more specific discounts available.

Allstate Car Insurance Pros

  • Many discounts.
  • Accident Forgiveness.
  • Good Customer Service.
  • Easy claims processing.

Allstate Car Insurance Cons

Some of the discounts and coverage options aren’t available in many states. If you decide you want to go with Allstate, you’ll need to do some research to find out which coverage options and discounts you’ll qualify for.

Allstate Car Insurance Review Summary:

Overall, I think Allstate car insurance is a very good option. They have solid, easily obtained discounts, a very large variety of coverage options and a dedicated team to make the process as easy a possible for their customers.

Esurance Car Insurance Reviews

My Esurance Car Insurance Reviews Score 8.3/10

Esurance is all about taking it online, and if you haven’t guessed, the “E” in Esurance is what that’s all about. If you’re one that likes to take care of business without leaving the comfort of your home, then you should really consider this company.

Before continuing to read, you should be made aware of the fact that Insurance is not available in all states, but most. So if you are living in Montana, Wyoming, Vermont, Delaware, New Hampshire, Alaska or Hawaii, you can’t get Esurance, but one of their partners still have car insurance available if you’re interested.

They aren’t like most traditional car insurance companies in where they’ll have actual offices and places you can go to talk to people face to face, so if this is important for you, then you should consider another company. But this isn’t a reason not to trust them, they are backed and partnered with Allstate, another very good car insurer.

They have 24/7 customer service which is a great plus, so there’s no need to think twice about if you can call them or not, they are always open to your phone calls. They are really involved with their customers and social media as well, being an online company though, that’s rather important.

Esurance has very good coverage, very solid and complete, but nothing groundbreaking, so the usual “Emergency Road Service” if your car is stranded, etc… Like it typically is, the more your premium is (i.e. the more you pay for your insurance) the more coverage you get.

(NOTE: When deciding how much coverage to get, you really need to stop and take a look at yourself. Ask yourself. Know yourself. If you have large savings account for emergencies, and you’re a very safe driver, then perhaps getting little coverage is the best, but accidents, even when they’re not your fault, can happen.).

They probably have the most discounts I’ve ever seen, and I’m going to go over the ones that would apply to many people, and/or are easy to take advantage of.

Firstly, like almost every insurer, they have a good driver discount. So, go three years without an accident and receive a discount. The special thing is that you can save up to 40% on your premium, much higher than most others.

You’ll get 5% off just for getting a quote online at their website.

If you’re a bit older (50+) you can save by taking a driver’s course, these savings last for three years after taking the course and is typically around 10%.

If you’re a bit younger (25 or younger) and in school with at least a “B” average or 3.0 GPA or better you can save up to 10% on several aspects of your insurance.

Those are just a few of the many discounts offered, but some of them are very specific and not everyone would fit into them.

Esurance Car Insurance Pros

  • 24/7 Customer Service.
  • Everything is handled online, and the site is designed with a lot of care because of this.
  • Since it’s all online, they’ve incorporated their business to fit in your hand. That is, in your smartphone.
  • They are backed by Allstate, so you can trust them.
  • Very involved with their customers.
  • A huge amount of discounts (17 of them, but you won’t be eligible for all).

Esurance Car Insurance Cons

  • Everything is handled online, which can be bad if you’re the type of person who likes to go to their offices and really meet your car insurance company.
  • For an online insurance, the average prices I found were a little too high. Even though they are not expensive I would say, I would expect it to be cheap since they don’t have as many costs as a traditional car insurer. But you also have to remember, they are now part of Allstate, so that could be one reason.

Esurance Car Insurance Reviews Summary:

I believe that Esurance can be perfect for some people, and for others, it might not work too well. It’s definitely not one of those end-all companies, so I suggest asking the main question that really takes this specific company away from the rest. “Am I comfortable doing business such as insurance completely online?”

MetLife Car Insurance Reviews

My MetLife Car Insurance Reviews Score 8.6/10

There is nothing super-outstanding about MetLife, which can actually be a good thing. They are a solid, well-built company and they… Hmm, let me try to rephrase because what I’m trying to say is better visualized. MetLife is like a nice, smooth, shiny sphere. Looks good, stable, strong. Nothing particularly striking about it, but it feels safe.

Of course, they have many of the same discounts and coverage as most of the others, there’s just nothing that really makes them stand out. Then again, this could just be their professional-ness. “You’re here for car insurance? That’s what you’ll get.” No special, fancy deals or offers to draw you in, just MetLife. Simple and secure.

Now that we’re finished with the introduction, it’s time to move onto what they do have. Let’s start with their perks.

12-month policies - This means that your policy with MetLife can be up to 12 months before the next renewal.

App - If you’re like most people in 2018, you have a smartphone, and some people want to take their insurance in-hand. They offer an app for smartphones, and you can do many things on the go (just make sure you’re stopped or not in a car. Looking at your smartphone could cause an accident. Be safe.).

Full-Loss Car Replacement - So, you were in a really, really bad accident. So bad, that basically, you’ve to throw your car away, just like, in the trash. Shame, but don’t worry, when such a tragedy occurs, they will pay for a new one.

Shrinking Deductible - This is similar to a safe-driver discount, and it means that as long as you go without accidents or traffic violations your deductible will keep getting smaller and smaller. They also have a few discounts as well, but again, nothing special. Basically, the stuff all car insurers have.

MetLife Car Insurance Discounts

Safe driver discount – Yes, they have a safe driver discount. Go three years without an accident, and you’ll save.

Multiple policy discount – Did you know MetLife also insures your life? And your home? If you get another policy with them, they’ll have some good discounts for you.

Driving course discount - This is a discount appointed to you if you prove your driving skills in a special course.

Full-time student discount – Do you happen to be a nerd? Haha, just kidding, but if you are, great! You can save if you meet certain criteria in your studies!

MetLife Car Insurance Pros

  • Solid, trustworthy company.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Most important discounts.
  • They’re available everywhere.

MetLife Car Insurance Cons

  • While their prices are good, for the amount of coverage they offer… It might be a little steep.
  • Not enough discounts. Even though the most beneficial and important ones are there, there are many others that they could have had.

MetLife Car Insurance Reviews Summary:

If you’ve taken anything from these reviews, it’s probably that, while MetLife isn’t extraordinary in any specific way, they are great at what they do. Car insurance. If your someone who wants straight, full-on insurance for your car, without any of the needed bells and whistles, then this is the company for you.

Final Words

That's it. I still suggest however that you do a bit of research on your if this article has interested you. For different people, living in different places, driving different cars, everything can always vary.

Good luck in finding the right car insurance company for you.

Nicole Cain