Cheap Car Insurance in Illinois

Everything you want to know about car insurance in the state of Illinois

While much may think of Illinois as an unexciting, Midwestern state, there is much to see and there are wonderful things to do as you travel. Chicago is a modern, upscale city with shopping and fine dining on the Magnificent Mile that puts most cities to shame. The suburbs have the expansive Woodfield Mall as well as Gurnee Mills, the mecca for outlet shoppers. Navy Pier on beautiful Lake Michigan is always a draw as are the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium. By traveling downstate, you can visit Springfield which is the capital and was also the home of Abraham Lincoln until he left to become our 16th President. Wherever you live or travel in the state of Illinois, familiarize yourself with insurance requirements for operating a car.

Illinois car insurance rates are some of the cheapest rates in the U.S., especially if you live in the more rural, less populated areas of the state. However, The Illinois car insurance industry has become increasingly competitive and therefore, increasingly complicated. You may need some help to search for the cheapest Illinois car insurance coverage with the best value and get the quality service you deserve. The best way to save on your Illinois car insurance premiums is to do your homework.

Illinois Car Insurance Laws

What are the minimum requirements for insurance in Illinois?

Illinois has requirements Illinois car insurance with minimum amounts of liability insurance that you must purchase. You must have a minimum of $25,000 liability coverage for injury or death of one person in an accident and $50,000 total per accident if more than one person is involved. This is referred to as Bodily Injury (BI). You also must have $20,000 property damage (PD) insurance that pays for damage to another person’s property such as buildings, fences, and signs.

  • Bodily Injury Liability per person: $25,000
  • Bodily Injury Liability total per accident: $50,000
  • Property Damage Liability total per accident: $20,000

Of course, these are only minimums and do not give much financial protection if you were to be involved in a serious accident. Liability coverage not only pays for bodily injury to another person in an accident you cause, but it may cover another family member driving your car with your permission. Some policies cover your legal defense if you would require that.

If you can afford more than the minimum required levels, it would be to your advantage to purchase that. Many vehicles are worth far more than $20,000 and we all know the astronomical cost of hospitalization these days. Buying more than the minimum will help protect you from a lawsuit and help ensure coverage of all damages.

Illinois Department of Insurance

The Illinois Department of insurance provides information for companies, producers, and consumers regarding anything as it relates to insurance in Illinois. Under their car insurance section, you will find a shopping guide, information for teen drivers, how insurers use your credit, and many more useful links to assist you with your car insurance questions.

Choosing Car Insurance Coverage in Illinois

Although you are required to have liability insurance in Illinois, you might want to have more insurance. You may want to purchase more than the minimum amount of liability insurance, especially if you have assets or a home that you want to protect. If you are driving a nice car, you might want to purchase collision and comprehensive insurance as well, because liability insurance does not protect your vehicle. If you are financing your vehicle and will be upside down in your car loan for a while, you might want to purchase gap insurance. Another form of car insurance that you might be interested in is uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

Liability Coverage

It’s only recommended you get liability coverage only – if your car isn’t worth much. We wouldn’t recommend liability only on a vehicle worth $20,000 or more unless you’re in a position to deal with that type of loss. If you have the money to easily afford that loss, you probably have the funds to afford the comprehensive and collision.

Collision and Comprehensive

Mistakes happen and if you happen to be the negligent party in an car accident, you’re going to be happy you have the coverage to repair your vehicle.

If your car is older (with little cash value) then you may want to consider canceling the collision coverage under your policy. This type of insurance covers your vehicle if another vehicle hits it.

You may want to consider adding comprehensive insurance to your policy instead. This coverage kicks in an if your vehicle is damaged by fire or severe weather, stolen or vandalized. If you had to choose one form of coverage over the other, comprehensive insurance is less expensive.

Once you add additional coverage to the minimum amount of coverage you are required to have under state law, you will end up paying more for insurance. Keeping your coverage limited to what you need to carry is certainly cheaper, but you need to consider the possible financial implications of not having enough insurance if you are injured in an accident or someone else is injured as the result of your actions when you are behind the wheel.

Illinois SR-22 Insurance

SR-22 is actually the name of the form used by insurance agencies to notify the state when an individual has established the required insurance coverage. Insurance companies are required to submit the SR-22 form to the Secretary of State before an individual’s driver’s license can be reinstated.

Depending on the specifics of your situation, you may receive a full reinstatement of your license, or you may be issued a restricted driving permit. In some cases, you may be asked to pay a reinstatement fee by the Secretary of State. Once you have established the minimum liability coverage required, you will receive an owner’s certificate, a non-owner/operator’s certificate, or an owner/operator’s certificate.

Common SR-22 Violations

If your license has been suspended or revoked due to the violation of certain motor-vehicle restrictions, you may be required to establish SR-22 coverage before your license can be reinstated. Violations that may require SR-22 liability coverage include:

  • Reckless Driving
  • Operating a vehicle without insurance
  • An car accident without car insurance
  • Multiple traffic violations within a 12-month period
  • Suspension of driver’s license for other reasons

Persons who are considered to be high-risk drivers may require SR-22 coverage to prove that they have established the minimum liability coverage for their vehicles as required by the state. Failure to maintain this coverage may result in the suspension of driving privileges and other penalties.

Driving under DUI or DWI

A DUI or Driving Under the Influence is a serious offense in Illinois. This kind of conviction would not only stay on your record for a good number of years, but will also cause you to lose your driving privileges immediately, require you to pay thousands of dollars in fines, and may even put you in jail if your offense was serious enough. This could also cause your car insurance premiums to significantly increase if your car insurance carrier doesn't a device to drop your coverage first.

If ever you do get a DUI offense and lose your existing policy, you will need to get the right DUI car insurance policy in Illinois to file an SR22 form for you, to the Secretary of States Office, if you wish to get your driving privileges reinstated. You should also make sure to take care of any penalties or fees associated with a DUI charge immediately.

You will also notice that a DUI car insurance coverage usually costs an arm and leg. A DUI offender is categorized as a high-risk driver by an car insurance company, and the higher the risk, the bigger the number of premiums you're charged to compensate. However, even DUI car insurance providers have different ways of computing rates, so choosing the right one can still save you hundreds of dollars on your car insurance costs annually.

Illinois Car Insurance Rates

Average car insurance cost in Illinois:

Description Price
Illinois Minimum Car Insurance Coverage Rates $506 - $748
Illinois Minimum Full Coverage Car Insurance Rates $1,248 - $1,496
Illinois Minimum Car Insurance Coverage Rates for Young Drivers $1,226 - $1,491
Illinois Minimum Full Coverage Car Insurance Rates for Young Drivers $1,968 - $2,185
Average monthly car insurance rates in Illinois $42 - $182

Your IL car insurance rate is a product of numerous factors, some of which are beyond your control and some of which are within your control. Each car insurance provider will view you differently in risk and each car insurance provider will charge a different rate for that risk. The most efficient way to gather this information is through multiple quotes from reputable insurance providers.

As you shop for your Illinois car insurance, prospective insurance providers will be focusing on 3 key things that make up your general profile as a car insurance consumer.

1. Driving Record - A bad driving record will cost you more than just the money necessary to pay the citations. It is hard to get cheap car insurance in Illinois if you're driving record has too many splotches. The insurance business is about risk assessment, and a bad driving record means more risk for the insurance provider.

2. Your Credit History - Just like with your driving record, a good credit score can get you to lower car insurance rates. Studies have shown that those responsible for handling their finances tend to also be responsible for handling their vehicles.

3. The Vehicle(s) to be Insured - Some cars are more expensive than others to insure. Cars with a higher market value, or are more likely to be stolen, are more expensive to insure. Also, cars high in horsepower are generally more costly to insure because they are normally in the hands of younger, less experienced drivers who like the idea of pushing those cars to the limit.

Car Insurance Companies in Illinois

You are going to want to find the cheapest possible Illinois car insurance that still gives you the coverage and service that you need. There is a wide range of policies offered by a wide range of insurance providers and the key is narrowing down what is right for you.

The Internet is one of the best, and most convenient means to find not only the cheapest IL car insurance, but also to learn about potential car insurance providers, learn about car insurance policies and rates, and view personalized Illinois car insurance quotes online.

There are quite a couple of insurance companies that are run in Illinois that cover a wide range of property. The Illinois car insurance company has grown a great deal since the early 1900s. Some of these companies are:

Progressive Insurance is one of the Illinois car insurance companies. Highlights show that it was one of the very first companies to introduce a drive-up service as a claim to for its customers. With premiums of $1 billion by the year 1987, this Illinois car company was on its way to becoming one of the very best in its time. By 1991, this figure was twice as much. As it stands, the insurance company is the 3rd largest in the USA, yet, its popularity keeps growing. In 1810, a company was formed by the name Hartford Insurance. This early start to this Illinois car company gives it a leap above the rest. The residents can afford a customer care like no other in this company since it has this kind of reputation. Probably this is the reason the insurance company has branches all around the northern globe.

Another of the Illinois car insurance Company is the Safeco. It concentrates on offering services through a chain of networks. These networks are supported by agents who make quotes for customers in just a short time, giving it the fame that it has. This company has highly trained individuals who are equipped to provide such a service for the individual.

Car Insurance Quotes in Illinois

Average car insurance quotes for Illinois car insurance companies

Rank Car Insurance Company Name Price
1 Farmers $525
2 Rockford Mutual $663
3 Erie $775
4 State Farm $779
5 USAA $842
6 Travelers $848
7 SECURA $854
8 Country $861
9 Nationwide $866
10 Pekin Insurance $887
11 Auto Owners $923
12 Safeco $958
13 21st Century $964
14 GEICO $995
15 Amica $997
16 American Family $1,016
17 State Auto $1,058
18 Esurance $1,087
19 Progressive $1,102
20 MetLife $1,115
21 Mercury $1,216
22 Encompass $1,414
23 Liberty Mutual $1,546
24 21st Century $1,593
25 Allstate $1,601
26 Kemper Specialty $1,708
27 Safe Auto $1,889
28 Hanover $2,034

How Do I Find Cheap Illinois Car Insurance?

Depending upon your situation, cheap Illinois car insurance may not be so hard to come by. There is much competition in the Illinois car insurance market, which is good for you, and Illinois is one of the cheaper states in the U.S. to find car insurance. In fact, car insurance in Illinois is, on average, about 15 percent cheaper than the national average.

You should keep in mind that the cheapest Illinois car insurance policy is not necessarily the best car insurance policy. If you don't have enough coverage for what you need it may end up costing you more in the long run if you do get involved in an accident.

Here are some things to keep in mind the next time you are shopping around for cheap Illinois car insurance:

Compare Cheap Illinois Car Insurance Quote Options

There are several insurance companies that provide coverage to Illinois drivers. The best thing you can do to save on Illinois car insurance is to shop around. Each insurance provider will have different rates and different forms of the general coverages. They will also have different discounts and different qualifications for those discounts.

Rates do vary from company to company, and taking some time to shop around can save you some serious coin. The time you invest now can save you both money and aggravation in the future.

Even though your insurance company may be able to offer you some sort of discount if you are a long-term customer, you may be able to get a better deal on insurance from a new company. With the number of insurance companies with an online presence, it's relatively easy to get quotes from several insurers.

Consider the level of coverage you currently have with the terms the new company can offer you. Price is an important consideration when you are shopping for insurance, but you still want to make sure that you have the right level of coverage for your needs.

Check the Discount Qualifications

Ask your agent about discounts that may be an option for you or your children - good student, driver’s ed, no accidents within a certain number of years - these are all things to investigate.

Popular Discounts on Your Illinois Car Insurance Rates

Good Student Discounts: If you are under the age of 25 and a student you may be eligible for this discount. You must be in school and have a B average or better. If you meet these criteria, depending upon the insurance provider, you may qualify for the good student discount.

Safety and Anti-Theft Features Discounts: Things such as anti-lock brakes and airbags can save you quite a bit on certain parts of your insurance premiums. Anti-theft features such as car alarms, car immobilizers, and vehicle recovery systems will save you money on the comprehensive portion of your Illinois car insurance policy.

Low-Mileage Discounts: If you do not drive that often, you may be eligible for a discount. Each insurance provider will have a mileage limit to qualify, but it is generally in the 50 miles per week range.

Profession Discounts: Those who work in certain professions have been shown in studies to be less risky to insure. Teachers, engineers, and scientists are given discounts on their Illinois car insurance rates by some insurance carriers. Also, those who are involved in the armed forces or work for government agencies are eligible for discounts with some insurance providers.

Approach Your Current Insurance Company And Ask Them To Meet Or Beat Your New Quote

If you can get a lower quote from a rival insurance company, present it to your present insurer and ask them if they can offer you the same deal for your coverage. If you are a long-term customer, your present company may be willing to negotiate with you to keep you as a client.

Purchase the Right Car

Insurers charge different rates for different cars. When the time comes to purchase your next automobile, you may want to call your insurer to try to find out which cars have better rates. If you are trying to choose between two different vehicles and one charge significantly less for coverage, you may want to choose the house with the lower cost if premiums are a concern.

Be a Risk Taker

When an insurer agrees to ensure you, they are taking on risk. Insurance is when people pool their risks. Many people won't need to make a claim in any given year, and these are the people the provider will make money on. When someone does have to make a claim, the provider loses money. When you raise your deductible, you take on more risk yourself. Say you raise your deductible from $500 to $1000.

If you get into an accident and there is $750 in damages, you will have to pay out of pocket, but if you get into a major accident and your car is totaled, you will still be covered. If you are driving an older vehicle that is worth less than $10,000, you may want to drop any sort of comprehensive and collision add-ons. This is taking on more risk for yourself, but in most cases, you are paying more to put collision and comprehensive protection on your automobile than you would ever get back.

Combine Different Types of Coverage

If you have life, homeowner's, and car insurance, you may want to bundle your policy with one insurer. Just as bundling your cable and phone service with the same company can save you money, bundling more than one type of insurance with the same insurer often can save you money as well. Get a quote to find out whether you can save money by combining your policies.

Act jointly with your family if you are young

If you are a young driver who is still living at home, you may be able to get a better rate on your insurance coverage if you are added onto a parent's policy as an occasional driver for their vehicle. When you decide to buy your car, you can expect that your insurance costs will go up. If you want to get cheap insurance, then stay on your parents' policy as long as you can.