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Find Cheap Car Insurance in Louisiana and Car Insurance Companies Giving These Cheap Rates

In Louisiana, as in most other states, car insurance is required, and every driver must meet a certain requirement with his insurance coverage. Car insurance can be expensive for drivers, so many people look for a way to save money while having good coverage. With the right information, it is not hard for anyone to find the cheap car insurance in Louisiana that they are looking for.

Louisiana Car Insurance Laws

The great state of Louisiana requires all its citizens to produce verification of their financial liability if they wish to complete the transactions for the driver's license or if they wish to register a new vehicle. Establishing financial liability means that you are capable of handling the cost involved in getting your car repaired when it sustains damages if an accident. In the state of Louisiana, the financial liability can be established by buying an insurance cover from an insurance company which is certified by the state to vend car insurances in the state.

The proof that an insurance policy has been taken is a prerequisite when you apply for a driving license or a vehicle registration needs to be done.

Louisiana Car Insurance Requirements

The basic thing that drivers need to know about Louisiana insurance is the minimum coverage that the state requires. The numbers to remember are 15/30/25. This refers to the bodily injury liability and the property damage liability. Every driver must have $15,000 worth of bodily injury coverage per person, with $30,000 coverage for more than two people. The driver must also have $25,000 worth of property damage liability. You may choose to go higher than this, but that is not required.

The insurance policy liability must cover the following minimum amounts:

  • - $15,000 bodily injury liability coverage for one person
  • - $30,000 bodily injury liability a piece for an accident involving more than one person
  • - $25,000 property damage liability coverage

The state of Louisiana follows tort law, which means that one individual must be found to be at fault for an accident and must cover all costs of an accident. The state of Louisiana is different from other states in that it does not require either Personal Injury Protection or Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection. On the other hand, if you would like to purchase either of these insurance plans, they will help to ensure that you covered about an accident where the other person is found at fault but does not have sufficient coverage to fully cover your medical costs.

The state of Louisiana has a policy called “no pay, no play”. This means that an uninsured motorist cannot take the first $15,000 in personal injury and $25,000 in property damage, regardless of whether they are not at fault for causing the accident. This policy ensures that drivers do not unfairly collect from an accident when they have not paid anything like other drivers.

The Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV) has a Department for Public Safety & Corrections. Insurance companies take the responsibility of updating this department with the information regarding your coverage. This information includes the details such as the date of purchase, any amendments made to or the cancellation of the insurance coverage.

Proof of Coverage for Louisiana Drivers

In Louisiana, the law enforcement police officer has the authority to demand insurance proof for your car. While living in Louisiana, there are a lot of people that can ask to see proof that you have insured your vehicle. There are several ways to prove that you have coverage, including showing your insurance policy, and insurance card, your insurance declaration page, or a letter from your insurance agency that is on a company letterhead. If you are stopped by an officer at any time and are unable to prove that you have insurance, you may be given a fine, and your license suspended.

If you fail to continue your policy or neglect to pay it at any time, your insurance company is responsible to let the DMV know. At this point, a flag is marked next to your name and you cannot renew either license plate or driver’s license. To remove the flag, you must prove that you have new insurance, turn in your old license plates, or prove that your vehicle was sold or gotten rid of in some way. If none of these actions are completed within 10 days, there will be a reinstatement fee due.

There are also stringent fines placed upon individuals found to be without insurance. The current level of insurance premiums in Louisiana is a bit higher than the national average, running about $500 more a year. This is affected in part by the highway and urban speed limits set at 70 miles per hour. There is currently a ban on either driver or passenger of a vehicle possessing an open alcohol container at any time, but cell phone use is allowed for older than 17 years (Texting prohibited in all cases).

Louisiana Car Insurance Rates

Average car insurance rates in Louisiana

Description Price
Louisiana Minimum Car Insurance Coverage $850 - $1,015
Louisiana Minimum Full Coverage Car Insurance $2,528 - $2,776
Louisiana Minimum Car Insurance Coverage for Young Drivers $1,570 - $1,798
Louisiana Minimum Full Coverage Car Insurance for Young Drivers $3,302 - $3,532
Average car insurance in Louisiana per month $70 - $294

Car Insurance Companies in Louisiana

Many known or unknown car insurance companies in the state of Louisiana serve. Some of the most well-known car insurance companies in Louisiana state:

Geico - They have incredible prices compared to everyone else. Easy 15 minutes quote service and excellent claims service and customer service. Geico continues to gain market share on everyone and that is because they offer a simple solution to getting car insurance. Best rates are for ages 16-50.

Esurance - A fairly newer company has risen to the top fairly quickly. Excellent claims service, and customer service. Incredible rates for drivers ages 21-45

AARP - Extremely reliable. They offer huge discounts if you're over the age of 50. If you're over the age of 50 and living in Louisiana, this is the company to go with. You will not find a better company to go with for price or overall service.

Progressive - They make getting insurance very easy. They have an excellent claims service and very high ratings from clients. One great thing about Progressive is that if you get into an accident they will not usually raise your premiums just because you were in an accident. Not all insurance companies will do that. Overall we have found that Progressive has incredible rates if you're in the 21-50 age category.

Liberty Mutual - Is a well-known company in Louisiana. Liberty Mutual is the 5th largest P and C insurance company in the US. They cover just about any insurance that you need from Car insurance, Home insurance, and life insurance. When you put you're all of your business with Liberty mutual they reward you with multiple discounts on everything.

Allstate - People who are with Allstate are very loyal, we believe the reason for this is that you can contact a local agent in person if you have questions just like state farm. Allstate's price comparison is somewhere in the middle of all these companies. If you're covering your home and car with Allstate they offer some outstanding values.

State Farm - State Farm is one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States. The prices are a middle ground as competition has heated up in the car insurance sector. State farm has excellent claims service and local agents that you can talk to. You will find a state farm agent in your local area to talk if needed which is nice.

Car Insurance Quotes in Louisiana

Average car insurance quotes for Louisiana car insurance companies

Rank Car Insurance Company Name Price
1 USAA $987
2 Southern Farm Bureau $1,207
3 GEICO $1,218
4 Progressive $1,238
5 State Farm $1,356
6 MetLife $1,592
7 Allstate $1,785
8 Encompass $1,948
9 Liberty Mutual $2,279

Factors That Affect Your Car Insurance Rate

Car insurance even at a minimum is an added expense. Even if one chooses to only meet the minimum requirements in Louisiana, he can still pay more for car insurance than he would like to. The main reason for this is that because of the different things that we have that greatly affect the quotes of our car insurance. What are some of the things that can drive up the cost of insurance?

Some of the most expensive policies belong to young drivers. A newly licensed driver will pay more for his insurance because he is considered high risk. Your age will be a major determinant if how risky you may be in driving. Teens often get the most expensive free quotes for their car insurance in Louisiana because teens are usually involved in accidents. This is because teens lack experience in driving and making a poor decision while driving. Because of this, they will be categorized as high-risk drivers for the company. When they reached 25 years old their car insurance quotes in Louisiana will automatically decrease.

Teenage males are more expensive to insure than female teenagers. Adult men are also considered higher risk than women, so their insurance costs more than women’s insurance. Statistically, female drivers get low free car insurance quotes in Louisiana because the female is known to be a careful and cautious driver that have a lesser chance of being involved in accidents.

Another reason that cheap Louisiana car insurance may not be attainable for someone is if they have a bad driving record. If someone has a driving record with a substantial amount of violations and accidents, then the insurance company will consider them high risk and insurance rates will be higher. Also, depending on the type of car a driver has, his insurance may be quite expensive. Sports cars are expensive to insure because they are capable of attaining high speeds at a smoother rate than some other cars. Parts can cost more to replace in case of an accident, and they are more expensive vehicles. Generic, nondescript sedans tend to be stolen more frequently because they are harder to pinpoint, so they also can cost more to ensure if a policy protects against theft. If a driver has just purchased a car and has not finished paying for it, then he may be required to purchase the maximum amount of coverage until the car belongs completely to him.

Another reason why it is car insurance expensive is your occupation You can be considered high risk through the occupation that you have and can get expensive free car insurance quotes in Louisiana. You have a job that will make you spend most of your time inside your office rather than driving then you will surely get low free car insurance quotes in Louisiana. The lesser you use your car the lesser you will be involved in accidents. Then you can get affordable car insurance quotes in Louisiana.

Get Affordable Car Insurance in Louisiana

There are several ways to save on car insurance in Louisiana. Every driver has the option to have reduced car insurance rates, but often it is not clear how these can be attained. One simple way of keeping rates low is to keep a clean driving record. This means that a driving record must be mostly clean of violations and collisions because that tells the provider that the driver is not a high risk. If a driving record is already full of problems, then it may be possible for someone to wait a certain amount of time (most likely a year) and then be eligible for a discount, depending on the insurance provider. If a teenage driver goes for a year and never gets a ticket or has an accident, then he will most likely be able to get lower rates.

Discounts can also be a factor in lowering car insurance rates. Teenage drivers can be eligible for a discount if they have good grades in school. A driver who purchases more than one type of insurance from a company (for instance, home and car) may then be able to get a multiple policy discount. Sometimes a provider may not make the available discounts known immediately, but they will provide the information for such discounts if the customer asks about them.

It does not have to be outrageously expensive to ensure the safety of one’s car. With enough information, a driver can be ready to purchase the best value for the best coverage.

Defensive Driving - Plot approved defensive driving courses could offer a discount for drivers. More education and driving instruction mean safer drivers on the road. Many insurance carriers will give a discount for such instruction. Classes that are mandatory because traffic violations will not qualify for such discounts. The whole point of a defensive driving discount is to reward for knowledge and safety; traffic violations run contrary to safe driving practices.

Higher Deductible - This insurance tip applies to everyone. A higher deductible can set aside your money on your policy, but you have to be prepared to cover the deductible should a collision occur. You have to weigh the cost versus the possibility that you cannot afford to pay the higher deductible if the need arises.

Insurance Friendly Cars - Instead of opting for sports cars, drivers should choose a car with a lower associated insurance risk to achieve a better rate.

Skip Collision - Provided you don’t have a car note, you can probably skip collision coverage if your car has a crude value. If you are driving around a cheap junker, then you can probably do without the extra expense.

Safety Features - If you do have a newer, more expensive car; you can shave some insurance cost off with safety features. Things like automatic seatbelts and anti-theft devices can net you some savings on your premiums.

Multiple Policy Discounts - Insurance companies want all your business. If they offer different insurance coverage, then they will usually give you a discount for bringing all your business to them.

Shop Around - Sometimes a little extra legwork can mean big savings. Instead of automatically renewing with the same company; shop around and see what other companies have to offer and how they compare.

For Teenagers

“A” For Effort - Here’s another reason for students to hit the books. Valid grades can pay off in the real world in the form of car insurance discounts. Insurance companies often give discounts to students who enjoy good grades.

Family Policy - A students' insurance can be cheaper if they are insured on their parent's policy instead of taking out their own insurance separately. A few calls and some research can decide the dissimilarity in rates for being insured with their parents or going it alone. Provided that the student qualifies to finish on their parent's insurance, and the parents allow it, it may be more cost efficient to mediate doing so.

Resident Student – In addition to riding on a parents' policy, students can receive a lower rate from the insurance companies that give a discount if the student is attending a school that is closer to home.

All discounts and savings may not apply to certain drivers or be valid in certain states or with certain insurance companies. Make sure you have all the facts about what discounts you are eligible for. One final tip; know that you can change insurance in mid-policy. There is no need to stay with a company until your policy expires if you find somewhere else you would rather be.

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