Cheap Car Insurance Utah

All you need to know about car insurance in the state of Utah

Living out west is always exciting, and many kids dream about moving out to California, Arizona, or Utah when they get older. There are always the dreams about cowboys and Indians, hunting for gold, and searching for hidden treasure, not to mention the realities of the beautiful Grand Canyon, the Pacific coast, and the Redwood and Sequoia trees. Many visitors travel out west during vacation times, but others have the privilege of moving to the west coast permanently.

The scenic landscape and well-maintained roads in the state of Utah make it a favorable driving experience. However, with the rising incidents of road accidents, the state laws in Utah has made it mandatory for car owners to go for a car insurance cover. If you are a resident of Utah or a non-resident driver for over 90 days, you must get a car insurance cover. Although this move may be highly anticipated, many forget to find out what will be required for them in regard to insurance, and car insurance in Utah is no exception. Don’t forget to find the right tools for your adventure so that you can enjoy your trip out West with everyone else. There are a number of insurance companies in the state offering car insurance covers at competitive rates. However, you should go for a cover that is cheap and yet covers all your necessary requirements.

Utah Car Insurance Laws

You cannot drive a car without insurance in the State of Utah. There are specific levels of requirement for car insurance in every state and Utah is no exception. Driving a vehicle without insurance is a class B offense, and you will have to pay a sum of $400 for the first offense and $1,000 for a second or subsequent offense within three years of the first offense. Driving without insurance has a penalty of license suspension and reinstatement can only be done by paying a large fee. At no time can you drive a car without proof of insurance. You are penalized if your car is driven by a third party and meets with an accident.

A minimum amount of car insurance coverage is mandated by the laws of the State of Utah and no car insurance company can give a quote lower than the mandated minimum. Although their levels were recently raised, car insurance in Utah still retains average levels for required automobile insurance. Make sure that you know what these specific levels are so that you can have the minimum insurance required. If you want higher levels of insurance, you can always be sure to purchase them so that you can rest assured that any accidents that occur will be fully covered. Utah’s minimum levels of insurance are 25/65/15.

This means that you are required to have a minimum coverage of $25,000 per person in an accident, with up to $65,000 per accident. These minimums can cover the medical costs of any injured parties and are usually aimed at the party that is not at fault in tort policy states. Also, you are required to have a minimum of $15,000 worth of coverage in property damage, which can help to cover the costs of private or government property or the costs of a damaged car.

A minimum uninsured motorists' insurance of $25,000 for a single person and $65,000 per accident if you meet with an accident with an uninsured driver. An underinsured motorist’s insurance cover of a sum of $25,000 per person and $65,000 per accident is also required.

In Utah, the no-fault policy is followed. This policy determines that unless a certain level of damage is achieved or damage up to a certain amount of money is attained, then the parties that are involved are to take care of damages themselves. This allows the government to not get involved in as many accidents and allows them the extra time to take care of other business. The nice thing about this is that the amount of insurance that you purchased is going to help cover you in this accident. The problem that may occur is that the other person may not have insurance and so may be unable to cover you, even if they are the ones at fault. For this reason, Utah has enforced the rule that Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is required for a minimum of up to $3,000.

Utah state minimum car insurance requirement list:

  • Bodily Injury Liability per person per accident $25,000
  • Bodily Injury Liability total per accident $65,000
  • Property Damage Liability total per accident $15,000
  • Personal Injury Protection $3,000
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage $25,000/$65,000

You may be rejected in writing the “loss of income” portion of the PIP coverage (Personal Injury Protection) requirement. Also, you may be rejected in writing the uninsured/underinsured coverages.

The legal cover mandate by the State of Utah is minimal and will not be sufficient when an accident occurs and you will be saddled with much higher costs than the minimum coverage will pay you. It is therefore advisable to pay a higher premium for bodily injury and property damage and customize other premiums depending on how affordable or necessary they are for your specific needs. Most experts recommend that your bodily injury liability limits are raised to $100,000/$300,000 and property damage liability limits increased to $100,000 to provide adequate protection.

Utah Car Insurance Policy Optional Coverage

Optional Insurance covers are collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive Insurance pays for damages caused by vandalism and the vagaries of nature and not because of another driver. Collision insurance is not required but if the car is financed, financiers usually insist on collision insurance. If your car is an old model collision and comprehensive insurance can be waived.

Car Insurance Rates Utah

The rates of buying car insurance in the State of Utah vary from insurance company to insurance company. Each company has its own statistics based reasoning by which they lower their rates. The Utah Department of Insurance grants licenses to automobile insurance companies and oversees their working, but the department does not assume the authority to fix all car insurance rates in the State of Utah.

Average car insurance cost in Utah :

Description Price/Year
Utah Minimum Car Insurance Rates $611 - $825
Utah Minimum Full Coverage Car Insurance Rates $1,150 - $1,378
Utah Minimum Car Insurance Coverage Rates for Young Drivers $1,331 - $1,557
Utah Minimum Full Coverage Car Insurance Rates for Young Drivers $1,870 - $2,024
Average car insurance rates in Utah per month $50 - $168

Average rates in Utah are lower than they are across the rest of the nation. This is good news for Utah residents, but some areas of the state are higher than the national average.

Average car insurance rates for specific cities and towns in Utah: Dugway: $734, Ogden: $808, Orem: $826, Provo: $689, Salt Lake City: $721, Sandy: $918, Taylorsville: $1,021, West Jordan: $994, West Valley City: $987.

Car Insurance Companies in Utah

"Industry" is the motto of the State of Utah. In conformity with the motto, the Department of Insurance of the State of Utah licenses several insurance companies and oversees their performance.

Insurance companies are monitored and a record of the nature and number of complaints against them by consumers is available with the department and published on their website. Major players in the automobile insurance business all insure automobiles in the State of Utah.

Mutual insurance companies treat the policyholder as a shareholder and give back a share of the profit as dividend to the Policy Holder. The law in Utah requires that the insurance companies strictly abide by the terms of the policy. While insurance companies prefer low-risk drivers, some insurance companies insure high-risk drivers at a higher premium.

Utah's licensed insurance companies include some of the nation's well-known brands such as Farmers Insurance, AIG, USAA, GEICO, Progressive, Mercury Insurance, State Farm, Allstate, MetLife, Nationwide and Safeco. These car insurance companies and others will provide your family and you the necessary car and homeowners insurance whether you live in the metro Salt Lake City area that includes West Valley, or further south by Utah Lake or towards Las Vegas in Saint George.

Car Insurance Quotes in Utah

Average car insurance quotes for Utah car insurance companies

Rank Car Insurance Company Name Price/Year
1 Bear River $548
2 USAA $687
3 GEICO $714
4 Auto-Owners $745
5 Farm Bureau Mutual $763
6 American Family $806
7 Allied $858
8 Safeco $913
9 Progressive $929
10 Nationwide $1,021
11 Farmers $1,021
12 State Farm $1,198
13 Travelers $1,217
14 Allstate $1,235
15 MetLife $1,376
16 Liberty Mutual $1,459
17 Encompass $1,553

Factors That Affect Your Utah Car Insurance Quotes

Insurance companies are given the freedom of charging different rates based on their actuarial experiences. They are allowed to give discounts on the counts of loyalty, the safety rating of the make of the car, the regulated low-risk conduct of the customer, the place of residence of the customer, the security and anti-theft features installed in the car, occupation, education, years of driving experience and the usage of the car. Some insurance companies have "pay as you use" rebates. Loyalty rewards also vary from insurance company to insurance company.

Before buying car insurance in Utah, you should know that factors that affect premiums.

Age - It is a vital factor in determining the exact price of your car insurance premium. Younger drivers below the age of 25 years are likely to pay more premium on their car insurance policy as they are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident than those between 50-65 years of age. Drivers aged between 25 and 55 are given lower premiums and sometimes huge discounts as they are considered to be the safest drivers. However, discounts may not be readily offered to those in their mid-50s.

Marital status - A married person is less likely to pay higher premiums on their car insurance policy than a single person with a similar driving record.

Location - Insurance agent will also assess the location of your home before fixing the car insurance premium. If you stay in a less-traffic zone or no-traffic area, you will have to spend less on car insurance premium in Utah as the risk of getting involved in an accident is much less. However, those staying in crowded areas with a lot of traffic are more exposed to the risk of accidents. Moreover, people residing in localities that have a higher record of car thefts and vandalism are more likely to pay higher insurance premiums than those who stay in neighborhoods that witness fewer incidences of car theft or damage.

Driving Violations - A clean driving record will help you when you need to purchase Utah car insurance policy as most insurance companies' award discounts and lower premium rates to safe drivers. A violation of driving laws in the past may result in a sharp increase in the monthly premium of your Utah car insurance as driving violations put you at higher risk of facing accidents.

Vehicle Type - Depending upon the vehicle that you own, the insurance agent will determine the price of the car insurance premium. The model of your vehicle will determine how much you need to pay as premiums for your car insurance. An expensive car may cost you much more to insure than a cheap car. If you drive a luxury car or an SUV, you may need to pay higher premiums than others.

Credit Rating - If you have a good credit history, you may not have to pay higher premiums. But for those with a poor credit rating, the price of car insurance premium will be quite high.

Find Best Affordable Car Insurance in Utah

The current level of premiums for car insurance in Utah is right next to the national average. But, it is still possible to get insurance at a cheaper price for you.

Here are some ways you can get cheap car insurance in Utah.

Know The Car Insurance Company’s Credibility

Knowing the credibility of a company is always a way to know what type of service a car insurer gives to its customers. Credibility will always be a mark for the car insurance companies Utah. The higher the credibility they gain, the higher the trust that people will give to them.

Choose Your Coverage Smartly

When looking for the best Utah car insurance quote, do not solely focus on the price. Cheap is always not the best option. There is no dearth of insurance agents or companies that will provide you with the cheapest insurance quote. But before you decide to buy the cheapest insurance policy, do also check the coverage. Sometimes, getting the minimum coverage policy may not be a good idea as the expenses that you may have to incur due to a car accident may not be fully covered by your car insurance policy with minimum coverage. If that happens, the cheap policy will turn out to be expensive.

Therefore, it is better to assess your requirements and determine what kind of coverage you exactly need. However, when purchasing a car insurance policy, choose only as much coverage as you would need and nothing more. Higher coverage means that you would have to shell out more money to get the car insurance policy. Many people opt for full coverage, but they may not need it. If you have already bought a policy that extends more than the coverage you need, request your agent to decrease the coverage.

Search For Online Insurers and Get Quotes

The simplest and the most comprehensive way to find cheap car insurance coverage in Utah is by searching online. You will find so many websites of the car insurance companies in Utah offering you car insurance covers at a discounted rate. Find out whether the insurer fulfills the minimum car insurance requirement of the state. Secondly, check the reputation of the company in the car insurance market, because a number of insurers promise a cheap insurance and end up offering an unsatisfactory deal. Once you shortlist a handful of companies, based on your requirements, ask for a quotation from each one of them.

Shop Around and Compare the Quotes

Once you get quotes from at least 4-5 car insurance companies in Utah, you would notice that the rates vary dramatically from one insurance company to the other. So you need to carefully compare the various quotes and then decide on the deal. There are a number of Utah-specific insurance comparison websites along with the phone number of insurance experts. This has made it easier for the prospective policyholders to compare the quotes and go for the cheapest and best deal.

Drive the Right Car to Get the Right Rate

Now it’s time for some practical tips on how to save money on your Utah car insurance. You should begin by taking a look at the vehicle or vehicles you are insuring. Do they allow you to find cheap car insurance? You want a vehicle with a smaller engine, good gas mileage, strong safety rating, additional safety features, and security features. It also helps if your vehicle is not on the list of most commonly stolen cars. While new vehicles will have a higher price tag and thus cost a bit more to ensure, they may qualify for a low-mileage discount to help defray some or all of that cost.

Force Yourself to Perform an Annual Policy Review

One thing you should do at least once a year is to review your car insurance policy. This will help you keep the cheap Utah car insurance you worked to get year after year. A policy review ensures that all "your" and vehicle information is correct, verify that you are getting all the discounts you are eligible for, and allows for changes to be made to the coverage so it is appropriate to your current needs. You may find you want to increase your deductible to save a little money. It may be time to drop down from full coverage to liability and PIP. Also, when performing your yearly evaluation, you can take a few minutes to grab a group of car insurance quotes to see if there is a better deal out there for you.

Ask For Discounts

There are several discount options for car owners and drivers who are looking for cheap and good car insurance covers in Utah. But if you are not aware of these, chances are that you would miss out on your discounts if you do not have the know-how or do not ask for it. It is important to make the most of the discounts you can qualify for.

Companies offer different discounts for different reasons. For instance, one company may offer you a discount because you are a government employee, while another may offer a discount because you are a farmer. Some of the discounts you can qualify for include safe driver discount for those who have not met with any accidents for a minimum of three years. Then you have safety and security discounts for those car owners who have installed safety devices in their cars such as anti-lock brakes, security alarm, and anti-theft devices, to name a few. Senior citizens are also given certain discounts in the car insurance policy. Many insurers in Utah also offer multiple policy discounts which are a combo insurance policy say a home insurance along with the car insurance policy.

Some of the most common discounts are for:

Good Driving Discount - A resident of Utah is eligible to avail this discount only in the case when all the drivers in the household have never violated the driving laws and were never found to be at fault in case of any accidents during the past 3 years. A person who receives this discount must also be insured. When applying for receiving this discount, an applicant must remember that all the documents will be verified and the driving history will be checked.

Multi-car discounts - A person is eligible to receive discounts on car insurance policy if you insure more than one private passenger vehicle under your policy. All the cars to be insured must be housed at the same address and the owners of all the vehicles must be residents of the households or should be related to each other. In case of unrelated owners driving the cars, they must be designated as named insureds on the policies and must be joint owners of the vehicles.

Good Student Discount - This kind of discount can be given only to drivers, who are full-time students, studying in high-school or university. However, just being a student is not enough to receive this discount as they would have to meet certain criteria. A male or a female student who secures a good rank and stays in the top 20 student brackets of his or her class and has a grade average of B or more can easily get this discount. Students who have a higher grade point average of 3 or more and have been once in the Dean's good student list or Honor Roll are eligible for availing this discount.

Know the Company’s Services

Knowing the company’s services will be the last thing you will consider in choosing the right insurer of all the car insurance companies Utah. Although insurers will always say that they are the best, you will still need to verify everything that comes out their mouth. No one likes to be a victim of shrewdness anyways, so better know the insurance company first before getting into closing the deal with the wrong insurer.

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