Cheap Car Insurance in GA

The best way to find Cheap Car Insurance in GA

You will be happy to know that car insurance rates in Georgia are more affordable compared to the rates in other parts of United States. As per statistics, the average annual expenditure on car insurance in the state of Georgia is pretty moderate which of course is good news for the Georgia citizen. It is quite possible to find cheap car insurance in a GA that you like.

If you are a responsible car owner, then as a good Georgia citizen, you must make sure that you are responsible with respect to the financial liability policies that come laced with your vehicle insurance. By law you need to register your vehicle. Buying insurance for your car is a prerequisite to get your car registered. The insurance policy acts as a proof based on which your vehicle gets registered. The insurance company by law is supposed to furnish detail information about the policy holder to the Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System.

GA Car Insurance Laws

The concept of insurance originated by the realization of the fact that most people are unable to pay for the damages caused in accidents which can severely jeopardize their finances and can even lead to their bankruptcy. By buying an car insurance policy, the owner of the vehicle transfers all liabilities onto the shoulders of the insurance agency. As a service provider, the agency charges a fixed pre decided amount called premiums from the policy holders on a regular basis. As long as these premiums are being paid, the insurance policy is considered to be active.

Liability Coverage

Every state in the US has minimum levels of insurance coverage mandatory for car owners. Depending on a number of factors, the minimum amount you will need for coverage includes physical injury and property damage protection. Although the minimum required coverage stays the same, your premium amount will depend on the factors that will lead insurers to calculate the right deal for your car.

Many factors such as the age of the car and driver, number of people driving the car, usual number of occupants or the number of family members can be highly influential in changing the premium rate for minimum coverage.

The coverage necessary for every car owner to be able to present before authorities (police investigations and trials) includes two parts. Bodily injury coverage in Georgia is denoted as 25/50. This means that you provide coverage of $50,000, at $25,000 per person.

The second part of an auto insurance coverage ensures that the property damage caused by an accident is covered for another $25,000. This is called the minimum property damage liability insurance. Although in most states, the property damage insurance coverage amount is usually less than $15,000, the risk in Georgia multiplies owing to a number of factors.

  • $25,000 for personal injury in an accident involving to one person
  • $50,000 for personal injury in an accident involving more than one person
  • $25,000 for damage to public and private property caused due to the accident

These limits represent maximum amounts your insurance will pay for an individual injury accident.

The first number covers an individual person’s injury. The second is the total amount payable for all injuries in the same accident. Note: Your passengers are covered by the liability coverage. The property damage amount is the maximum they pay for property damage in one accident. It could be a telephone pole, a house, or totaling a Mercedes.

Liability coverage is to pay your liability for accidents or damage for which you are responsible.

If it was someone else “fault”, your insurance will not want to pay. The company will only pay up to the liability limits you purchase. Anything over that limit is your responsibility. If you know Georgia limits and compare auto insurance quotes, that keeps someone from insisting higher amounts are required.

It is unlikely minimum Georgia car insurance will cover costs of a serious accident. If you are held liable, you are responsible for what is not covered. People generally prefer higher limits to protect their families and assets.

Proof Of Insurance Requirements

Many a time, people try to drive their cars without a valid insurance cover which proves to be a big hindrance for both the public and the law enforcers. While they think that they would not get involved in an accident, a margin of error always exists and there is little that can be done once such a thing has happened. Sighting these cases of rule flaunting, the Georgian authorities have now started taking stern measures against those who are caught.

Insurance lapse is not a healthy pattern in a car owner's life. It is irresponsible on his part and can lead to him to future troubles with his vehicle.

To keep a tab on who owns an car insurance policy and who does not, the State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) keeps a database of all vehicle owners in the state along with the date of expiry of their insurance policy. Whenever a new policy is sold or an existing policy is cancelled by the insurance agencies, it is their duty to notify the department. The department then contacts the vehicle owner demanding a proof of a valid insurance cover which has to be replied to within the due date. Failure to do this under the stipulated time results in a lapse fee. Despite this, if the vehicle is driven and caught, the driving license would be suspended on immediate basis. Restoration would only be possible post buying a new policy along with paying for the lapse and restoration charges.

Upon query by the Department of Motor Vehicles in Georgia regarding the car insurance, a reply would have to be drafted within a period of 30 days from the receipt of the mail. According to the authorities and the insurance law attorneys we contacted, this is a sufficient time to reply to the query and buy a new policy if need be. Ignoring the correspondence is never an option if the owner wants to use the car in the future. The correct step would be do the needful and satisfy the authorities.

It is in the interest of the vehicle owner to keep their insurance policy updated. Timely checks with respect to the date of expiry would help keep note of it. You may either get the old policy renewed or buy a new policy prior to the expiry of the current one. In case of insurance lapse, if the owner does not respond within the stipulated grace period, then he is charged a lapse fine or lapse fee. Lapses beyond this point call for compulsory registration suspension for about 3 to 6 months depending on the period of the lapse.

Thus it is understandable that car insurance is a serious business in Georgia and thus responsible citizens must adhere to the rules that the policies come with. A car is an important mode of personal transportation. It makes your life easy and independent. Thus it is your duty to make sure that your vehicle remains in shape and continues to serve you smoothly. In case of mishaps, car insurance comes to immediate assistance and saves you from facing an ugly surprise and huge expenses.

Full Coverage Car Insurance in Georcia

Always remember that whilst a minimum coverage may hold good for an old car, it may not be suitable for a brand new one. This is because repair of a damaged new car would mean much higher costs.

As an individual living in the state of Georgia, the best bet is to buy a cheap full coverage car insurance policy. This means a combination of both, collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage takes into account losses due to human errors while a comprehensive cover will account for losses arising from cases such as theft, fire, floods natural causes etc. a combination of both protects the owner from any loss whatsoever. Whilst it is not mandatory for an owner to buy full coverage according to the laws enacted by the government, if the car is bought with finance, it becomes a requirement by the finance company. The finance companies do so to keep their interests alive and recuperate the amount if the car is completely destroyed.

Any full coverage Georgia car insurance policy will not only protect the vehicle but also its driver. Over the years, a number of car accidents have been witnessed in Georgia. A majority of them have caused bodily injuries to the driver which required immediate medical attention. Depending upon the injury, the hospital bills can be pretty hefty. With an car insurance policy in place, the insurance agency becomes liable to pay for these bills too which further add to the interests of the vehicle owner.

Georgia Driving Laws You Need To Know

Failure to comply with the law and to receive a penalty is one of the most important factors that raise the price of your car insurance policy. You can get a high amount of discount on your insurance policy by paying attention to the law.

Georgia Super Speeder Law

O.C.G.A. § 40-6-189, Georgia super speeder law, was enacted on January 1, 2010.

It is very important to understand this law, as it can have serious repercussions if you are pulled over in violation.

While there has certainly been some people quite upset at the law—claiming it to be unfair to add so much more to the speeding fines—excessive speeding is responsible for an average of one death per day in our state.

Let’s take a closer look at the Georgia super speeder law so you can understand what it is and what it will mean to you.

Georgia Super Speeder Law Defined

Anyone drive in excess of 75 mph on a two lane road, or anyone speeds in excess of 85 mph anywhere in Georgia is considered a super speeder. When driving on two lane roads it is especially dangerous to speed excessively, as these roads tend to have sharp curves and limited visibility.

Georgia Super Speeder Penalties

Violations of O.C.G.A. § 40-6-189 can end up costing you a lot of money. The law adds on a $200 state fee on top of the local penalty. This means a $50 speeding ticket becomes a $250 speeding ticket automatically.

Failure to pay this fee will result in an additional $50 fee, and the suspension of your driver’s license.

These additional fees are earmarked for use in Georgia’s trauma care hospital system—so don’t expect a police officer to simply let you off with a warning on this one!

If convicted of a violation of the Georgia super speeder law, the Department of Driver Services will notify you via first class mail. You have 120 days from the date of the notice to pay the fine, or face the additional penalty, and suspension of your license. No additional points are added to your driving record for a super speeder conviction above and beyond the standard.

It is important to understand the Georgia super speeder law, not just to avoid the heavy penalties but also to help keep us all safe on the road.

Georgia DUI & DWI Laws

Drives driving alcohol or drugs are subject to strict penalties. This is a serious violation and drinking and driving in Georgia is not an option.

In such a violation, at least your license will be suspended, or worse, you may face bigger penalties by harming someone.Most people know that this is one of the driving laws in Georgia that put you in trouble.

Penalties that may occur in a possible breach are as follows:

  • License suspension or revocation of your license
  • Fines
  • Jail time
  • Public service

Your first offense is for 1 day to 1 year of imprisonment, $ 300 for a fine of $ 1,000 and a license suspension of up to 1 year.

Georgia Move Over Law

In 2003, the Georgia move over law started being enforced en masse. This is a law that is designed to keep law enforcement, and the motorists on the side of the road, safe from oncoming traffic. Being in law enforcement is hard enough—add in the fact that many drivers don’t even bother slowing down when they pass a traffic stop, and you have a recipe for disaster.

There is much more to the Georgia move over law than simply keeping others safe (although, that should be enough!), you also have a financial motive behind following this law.

The Georgia Move Over Law Defined

The tagline is “Slow Down. Change Lanes. Save Lives.” That does a good job summing it up.

If you are driving, and you come across an emergency vehicle, parked on the shoulder of the road, you must move over at least one lane. If traffic is too heavy to move over, the law requires that drivers slow down below the posted speed limit, and be prepared to come to a full stop.

So if you are on a two-lane highway with a speed limit of 45 miles per hour, and there is a traffic stop on the shoulder, you are required to slow down below 45 miles per hour while you are passing the police officer and the motorist.

Move Over Law Violations

Violating this driving law can cost you in a few ways.

First, if you violate the law, you may face up to $500 in penalties.

If you are pulled over for violating the Georgia move over law, do not expect the police officer to have any sympathy or compassion for you at all—you endangered their life, and they will throw the book at you!

Georgia Car Insurance Rates

Georgia Minimum Car Insurance Coverage : $711 - $898

Georgia Minimum Full Coverage Car Insurance : $1,466 - $1632

Georgia Minimum Car Insurance Coverage for Young Drivers : $1,431 - $1,583

Georgia Minimum Full Coverage Car Insurance for Young Drivers : $2,186 - $2,357

Average car insurance Georgia per month : $59 - $196

Of course these prices may vary depending on your vehicle and your situation. Depending on the number of protections you have added to your insurance policy, the insurance can increase significantly.

Reduce Your Georgia Car Insurance Premium

Car insurance is something that every vehicle owner needs. However, this does not mean that you have to pay outrageous amounts of money for it. There are many ways to reduce your car insurance premium in Georgia, and many of them require little to no hassle.

Choose The Right Insurance Company

You need to choose the right car insurance firm if you aim to get the cheapest quote in Georgia. This comes only with a considerable amount of research. While doing a thorough research both online and offline, you may come across a handful of insurance players in the state coaxing you to buy an expensive cover. Moreover, in the present economy, a number of car insurance companies are becoming prone to bankruptcy. In such as scenario, the company cannot pay you any claims when you require. You should take into consideration the company's customer service, claim handling process, and the availability of coverage before you ask for quotes.

Provide Details to The Companies

Car insurance companies in Georgia provide cheap quotes only when you furnish them with detailed personal information. These include your name address zip codes, your credit record, age, educational qualifications and marital status. Most car insurance companies in Georgia quote a higher car insurance rate if they these detailed information are missing. As a word of caution, the only thing you should not provide is your credit card details.

Driver’s Education Class

You can often reduce your Georgia car insurance premium by simply taking a supplemental driver’s education class. This is because you are showing evidence of a true effort in maintaining a safe driving record as well as care for operating your vehicle effectively and correctly. This is a gesture that is greatly appreciated by insurance companies. Defensive Driver’s classes are also well worth the investment of your time, as not only can you potentially reduce your car insurance premiums, but you can also learn how to be a better driver and actively protect yourself on the road.

Multiple Vehicles and Home Ownership

If you are the owner of more than one vehicle, you can reduce your car insurance premium and save money by putting them all under the same policy. You can also reduce your Georgia car insurance premium by simply owning your place of residence. The home and car discount can range anywhere from 10-40% off your combined premium.


Most importantly, drive safely. If you follow the traffic laws and operate your vehicle with caution, you are less likely to have an accident and will therefore have lower claims. By obeying road laws, you will also run less of a chance of being penalized with a ticket for reckless driving. Car accidents or violations that result in tickets and/or damage can potentially raise your insurance because you are considered to be a bigger risk. By being responsible behind the wheel, you can prevent this from happening.


There are many opportunities to receive discounts and reduced car insurance premiums based on you and your lifestyle. Senior citizens and safe drivers can take advantage of benefits as well as students that have received exceptional academic marks. It is something that is certainly worth looking into, as you may find something that pertains to you and can perhaps reduce your car insurance premium.

Theft Deterrent Devices

By installing a car alarm or using theft deterrent devices, you can potentially decrease the amount of your car insurance premium. This is because car alarms (and things of that nature) will prevent criminal activity such as break-ins, vandalism and outright theft. Because you are taking measures to reduce the risk of such occurrences, you are considered less of a liability to the company.

Install Car Safety Device

Like many states in the USA, car insurance companies in Georgia quote an affordable car insurance rate if the car owners install safety devices such as Anti-Lock Braking System, seat belts, safety glass, and so on. These reduce the risks of accidents and are regarded highly by car insurers in the state. Georgian car insurance firms also quote a lower rate to those prospective policy holders who have attended some certified defensive-driving classes.

Raise The Deductible

While asking for quotes if you mention that you are willing to raise your deductibles, car insurance companies in Georgia usually quote lower rates on car insurance premiums. However, you have to plan out your financial resources in such as way that it covers the deductible if accident.

Ask for a Low Mileage Discount

In Georgia, most car insurance companies quote a lower rate of premium on low mileage. According to the state law, drivers who travel lesser than or about 40 miles per day can qualify for a discount on low mileage. Mention about this if you wish to seek a competitive quote. Also if you have a cheaper car, most companies will quote a lower premium than those who are looking to buy the trendiest of cars in the market.

Cheap Car Insurance in Georgia for Teens & Young Drivers

Youngsters start dreaming of driving cars since the age of 14 and most of them do get their first 4 wheelers at the age of 18 which in most states is the minimum age limit. Talking about people of this age group, two main facts are universal and applicable everywhere including Georgia. First, they are still inexperienced and are not accustomed to the rules and regulations of safe driving and second, youngsters are known to drive rashly in an attempt to show off.

Keeping these two factors in mind, it is the responsibility of every parent to get their children insured (not to forget that minimum car insurance is compulsory in Georgia). The insurance agencies to know about these factors due to which, getting cheap policies as far as youngsters are concerned can be pretty difficult. The general assumption is of high risk and no agency would be willing to take such chance. There are always ways to find what you are looking for which can be done by making note of the following points:

a) Make of the Car: Which car is being bought for the youngster? A glamorous car is considered to have a higher probability of an accident compared to a normal one. Fast cars are prone to higher damage than the comparatively slower ones. On the similar lines, cars which offer luxury are bound to attract higher insurance premiums compared to a car which just solves the purpose. It is easy to judge by this point that to buy a cheaper insurance policy in Georgia, it is better to own a sedan rather than a 2 door sports a utility vehicle.

When the search for a vehicle has been narrowed down to a couple of cars, it is best to call the insurance agencies with the make and model numbers and ask for quotes. This is a good way to estimate the total costs that might have to be incurred once the car is bought before actually paying for it.

b) Safe Driving: Youngsters and Safe Driving do not generally go together. Many a time, they are caught exceeding the speed limit and jumping red lights. Drink and drive is another practice that they are known to indulge in. As a parent, it would be your responsibility to guide your child into not doing the same. Not only can these attract heavy charges for owning an car insurance policy but also from the traffic authorities.

A safe driver is never expected to encounter these problems. Someone who learns to drive safe from the beginning is sure to save a lot more than anyone else as far as insurance costs are concerned. This, in general, goes for all types of insurance: limit your risks!

Other important tips that can help a youngster get cheap car insurance in Georgia includes avoiding a claim for every small item, asking for discounts wherever applicable and choosing a higher deductible. Drive safely and you would only be happy when the next renewal notice is sent to your doorstep.