Cheap Car Insurance in MA

An Expert Guide Finding to Cheap Car Insurance in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts is known for its history. One of the original thirteen colonies, it was the site of many momentous events in our nation's early days. Home to some of the oldest major cities, it is a place that is well worth visiting, and might even be a good place for you to move. While the wealth of the state is uncontested, you might be wondering if you need a significant amount of money to obtain car insurance. Finding the best deal on cheap car insurance in MA can become reality.

Massachusetts Car Insurance Laws

Massachusetts, like every state, has its own unique state laws for licensing drivers and its own requirements for the minimum car insurance licensed drivers are required to carry. The Massachusetts law goes further than some states requiring licensed drivers to carry a minimum of:

  • $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident bodily injury liability insurance to cover others injury costs in an accident the insured causes;
  • $5,000 property liability insurance to cover damage to others vehicles in an accident the insured causes
  • $8,000 in personal injury coverage paying for the costs of injuries to the insured, and their passengers, pedestrians and others driving the insured’s car with permission;
  • and, uninsured car insurance of at least $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident to cover injuries caused by an accident with an uninsured driver.

Massachusetts Proof of Financial Responsibility Law

In Massachusetts, the only acceptable proof of financial responsibility is to show evidence of a current car insurance policy with limits which meet or exceed the minimum insurance coverage required by Massachusetts law.

Every insurance company which sells insurance in Massachusetts will provide the insured with a form that provides the names of the insured and the effective and expiration dates of the coverage, the insured vehicle’s identification number and either a statement that the policy fulfills the minimum required insurance law or states the limits of the policy.

Drivers must keep their proof of insurance in the vehicle at all times. Drivers must have the proof of insurance with them if they are stopped for a traffic violation and of course if they are in accident.

If you fail to provide proof of insurance you could receive a traffic citation for failure to provide that proof. A failure to provide proof of insurance citation could result in an increase in the rate you pay for your insurance.

Violations And Penalties in Massachusetts

Massachusetts State has some of the best although harsh car traffic laws available. The State's law enforcement personnel stationed at different sections of the State roads and highways enforce these laws. If you break any of the traffic laws, this personnel issue you with a citation. Depending on the traffic violation, the citation may require that you pay a fine or appear in court. In which case you will be fined, sent to jail or both. In addition, a court may suspend your driving license.

Maintains a drivers' traffic violation record through the State's Registrar of Motor Vehicles (RMV). The RMV is empowered to suspend your driving license if your traffic violation record is to the extreme. In Massachusetts State, all the previous traffic violations that you may have committed in another State prior to residing in Massachusetts are considered to have been committed in Massachusetts by the RMV.

Although Massachusetts is a no-fault State when it comes to matters of car insurance accidents, the RMV maintains drivers' accidents in which they are at fault. Such accidents which a driver is to blame for are referred to as surchargeable incidents. You can have your car-driving license suspended by the RMV if you accumulate up to five surchargeable incidents in a three-year period.

The RMV normally considers a driver's record in a 12-month period. Within the period, three over-speeding incidents automatically get your driving license suspended for 12 months. The penalty is more severe for a teen driver below the age of 18 years, in which case first offense the teen's license is automatically suspended for 90 days.

Massachusetts car insurance companies collaborate with the RMV by exchanging vital records that they use in determining your premium rate. It is therefore important to stick to Massachusetts traffic regulations as much as possible.

It is not automatic that you will face a court of law upon receiving a citation. Appearing in court may lead to various penalties that include your driving license being suspended. If you feel that you have unfairly been cited by law enforcement personnel, you can engage an attorney specializing in traffic violation regulations and challenge such a citation in court.

The fact that the RMV has records that form your driving history (which may be bad) does not mean that you will not be eligible to pay low premium rates in the future. You can undertake measures to improve on your record. The measures that you can undertake include enrolling for further driving lessons that Massachusetts car insurance companies conduct.

Registering Your Car in Massachusetts

It should not be hard for you to register your car in the State of Massachusetts if you have recently moved in or planning to relocate there. To do so, however, you must prove that you are a resident of Massachusetts State. This you can prove by availing a utility bill, have a bank account in the State or prove that you vote in Massachusetts.

The State's car insurance laws do not provide for a grace period in which to register your car and have your Massachusetts car-driving license. You may need to make early arrangements to have your car registered before you relocate. The State's car insurance laws require you to obtain car registration and driving license upon proving your residency.

Registering your car in Massachusetts can be a hard task if you do not have the requisite documents. You will first need to prove ownership of the car with a Massachusetts car insurance company and obtain the minimum car insurance cover that is mandatory in the State. The first form you will need to fill in is the Registrar of Motor Vehicle - form 1 (RMV-1 form), which is an application for registration form. You will take the form to your car insurance company, who will get the form stamped, certifying that you have the mandatory car insurance cover.

The State's mandatory car insurance covers that you will be required to have been personal injury cover (Massachusetts is a no-fault State), body injury cover and property damage coverage. Massachusetts's car insurance premium rates are strictly regulated by the State and this makes competition amongst car insurance companies less. However, you still need to search for a car insurance company that charges premium rates that you can comfortably afford.

There are fees attached to registering your car in Massachusetts. In addition, you will need to pay sales tax as calculated by the State's RMV, who calculates your sales tax based on the value of your car. In case you already paid sales tax on your car while in another State, you will not pay sales tax. However, if the sales tax of Massachusetts is higher, you will need to pay the difference.

Upon registering your car, you will have seven days to get it inspected. Various car inspection centers are available. Massachusetts State car insurance laws make it mandatory for all cars coming in to be inspected for emissions and safety standards. You will need to pay for your car's inspection. Depending on the state of your car, it may pass or fail the inspection, in which case you will be issued with a 'fail' inspection sticker. You will get your car repaired and return it for re-inspection, which will be free. You will need to pay for another car inspection in case your car fails an inspection again.

Upon getting your car insured, registered and have your Massachusetts driving license, it is important to strictly adhere to the State's traffic regulations as the State has harsh penalties for breaking the rules.

Your Relocation And Car Insurance Coverage

The different States have different grace periods during which you are supposed to switch your car insurance company to that of a State you have moved to. This also applies to your driving license, which you are also supposed to switch. Most States give you a grace period of 60 days.

While a State's car insurance laws will give you time to have proper documents with you, it may mainly be on your car-driving license since your car insurance company will cancel the cover immediately you relocate.

In Massachusetts State, you do not have any grace period and you are supposed to have appropriate Massachusetts driving license, and the minimum mandatory car insurance cover the moment you relocate to the State. The State has strict traffic laws and it is highly advised not to venture onto Massachusetts roads and highways without first obtaining the necessary documents.

In case you engaged a national car insurance company from your previous State, you do not need to switch your car insurance. What you may need to do is to inform your car insurance company of your intention to relocate to Massachusetts. This is necessary, as the insurance company will need to carry out checks on the area you will be residing in Massachusetts. This in effect may either lower or increase the amount of premium you will pay thereafter. If the area you will be residing in is much congested than your current residential location, it is certain that your car insurance company will adjust your premium upwards. This is because you will be exposed to many risks, with a high likelihood of being involved in an accident. It is also likely that you may get a discount on your premium if you move to Massachusetts and still maintain your national car insurance company.

If you were dealing with a State insurance company, you needed to quickly research and identify a car insurance company in Massachusetts that will not only provide you with the mandatory car insurance coverage but in a position to underwrite other types of cover, you might require at affordable premium rates.

How Much Insurance is Needed in The State of Massachusetts

It all depends on the specific situation of the insured. Each driver needs to carefully evaluate their insurance needs, their budget, and make a decision as to which types of car insurance coverage they need, the limits they want the policy to include and the deductibles they are comfortable establishing.

Property liability insurance pays for the cost of repairing damage to others vehicles and bodily injury liability insurance pays for the medical and related expenses sustained by others if you are found to be responsible for an accident.

Minimum Massachusetts’ required property and bodily injury liability insurance may not be sufficient to protect your home or other assets if you are in a serious accident. Many drivers carry more than the minimum required liability insurance to protect their financial well being, their assets, and their peace of mind.

If the insured is found responsible for damages and injuries from an accident and if their liability insurance is insufficient to cover the property damages and medical and related expenses the insured will be personally liable for the expenses above those covered by the insurance. This can result in the insured’s assets and wages being seized to cover the costs.

Liability insurance is not the place to try to save on insurance costs. There are better places and ways to try to obtain affordable car insurance premiums.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance covers the costs of damages to the insured’s vehicle and expenses related to injuries sustained in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist. Massachusetts requires drivers to carry a minimum amount of uninsured motorist insurance.

The limit for uninsured motorist insurance, however, is fairly low if you drive an expensive car or do not have a good health insurance policy which will cover your medical expenses if you are injured in an accident with an uninsured motorist it might be a good idea to carry more the required minimum of uninsured motorist insurance as part of your car insurance coverage.

Underinsured car Insurance is not required but is also a coverage you may want to consider if you drive an expensive car or do not have other health insurance to cover the costs of injuries sustained in an accident with an underinsured motorist.

Massachusetts’ requires drivers to carry a minimum of $8000 of personal injury insurance. The minimum may be sufficient is the insured has a good health insurance policy that will cover the costs of injuries they may sustain in an accident. Adding additional personal injury coverage to your car policy may not provide additional benefits only additional costs. It is worth checking out before you include personal injury above the minimum required as a part of your car insurance package.

Collision and comprehensive insurance coverage is an optional car insurance coverage in Massachusetts. Collision and comprehensive insurance cover damage to or replacement of the insured vehicle.

Collision insurance pays for the repair or replacement of the insured vehicle if it is damaged in an accident with another vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance covers the insured vehicle if it is damaged in by acts of God, vandalism or replaces the vehicle if it is stolen. Comprehensive insurance may pay for repairs following damage to a vehicle done by storms, hail, fire, or vandalism and will also replace the vehicle if it is stolen.

The consumer needs to read a comprehensive policy carefully. Only damages caused by those types of risk enumerated in the policy will be covered. Typically there will also be a list of risks specifically excluded from the policy coverage.

If the insured vehicle has a fair market value of less than an annual premium for collision and comprehensive insurance and if you can cover repairs or replacement of the vehicle from your funds without insurance you may decide not to include collision and comprehensive insurance as part of your car insurance package. Not including collision and comprehensive as part of your car insurance package will lower the cost of your car insurance.

If you financed the purchase of insured vehicle you may be required, by the loan agreement, to carry collision and comprehensive insurance. Check with your lender before you decide not to include collision and comprehensive insurance as part of your insurance package.

If you decide that purchasing collision and comprehensive insurance is in your best interests you can save on the cost by establishing a high deductible. A deductible is an amount the insured pays from their funds if they file claim. The insurance covers the remainder of the cost of the claim up to the limits of the policy.

Setting a $1000 deductible will significantly lower the cost of collision and comprehensive insurance but be careful not to set a deductible so high that you will be unable to cover the deductible if you need to file claim. Many drivers do not include rental car insurance and towing insurance in their car package.

Massachusetts Car Insurance Rates

Average car insurance cost in Massachusetts:

Description Price
Massachusetts Minimum Car Insurance Coverage $511 - $724
Massachusetts Minimum Full Coverage Car Insurance $1,094 - $1,306
Massachusetts Minimum Car Insurance Coverage for Young Drivers $1,231 - $1,454
Massachusetts Minimum Full Coverage Car Insurance for Young Drivers $1,814 - $2,041
Average car insurance in Massachusetts per month $42 - $170

Car Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

Massachusetts car insurance companies operate under regulations as stipulated in the State's car insurance laws. The premium rates charged by the State's car insurance companies are regulated by the State, making car insurance business less competitive.

Managed competition is the name of the market under which the Massachusetts car insurance firms are now filing their rates. This is a concept designed in an effort to help the customer save money and you would benefit from this if you are a resident of Massachusetts.

The insurance commissioner had the rights to set up the rates before the deregulation. The drivers did not have any other option but to take whatever was given to them. This has changed now as insurance companies have the right to set their own rates and get the approval of the commissioner. The competition is running high between the Massachusetts car insurance companies in attracting customers. This means the customers have a chance to save some money as there will be rate variance between companies.

The fact that there is less competition amongst the national and State car insurance companies in Massachusetts does not mean that you do not need to search for different Massachusetts car insurance quotes. The car insurance companies still charge different premium rates for same insurance coverage, and you still may need to search for cheap quotes that can enable you to save on your total car insurance cost.

Best Massachusetts car insurance companies:

Compare Car Insurance Companies

Comparing car insurance quotes of different car insurance companies does not only enable you to get cheap car insurance quotes but get the best car insurance company to deal with. While most people prefer to deal with national car insurance companies, Massachusetts State car insurance companies also provide some of the best services.

You can search for and get a good Massachusetts car insurance company in several ways. You first need to search for several companies that charge premium rates that you can afford comfortably. After establishing a list of various companies that you are likely to deal with, you can embark on eliminating them.

  1. Coverage area - Consider the area a car insurance company covers in deciding which insurance company to deal with. There are both national and State insurance companies that you can select. Most people believe that dealing with a national insurance company is more beneficial than dealing with a State insurance company. This is a wrong belief that should be discouraged at all costs. You can find a Massachusetts State car insurance company that is cheap and efficient in its operations. When choosing a Massachusetts car insurance company, you also need to find how much difference is there in their premium rates as far locations are concerned, just in case you need to change your residential location in the future.
  2. Specialty - Some Massachusetts car insurance companies tend to be specific in the category of car owners and drivers they insure. Some favor ensuring experienced car owners and drivers over 65 years while others favor those below. This does not mean that they do not underwrite insurance cover to those, not in that age range. It will be helpful to ascertain which age a car insurance company specializes in underwriting.
  3. History - This is important in comparing different Massachusetts car insurance companies. You definitely want to deal with car insurance company with a long history in the business and financially stable. There are websites that rate car insurance companies, which you can use in establishing which car insurance company to deal with.
  4. Use Car Insurance Agents - There are independent car insurance agents who can provide you with valuable information concerning car insurance companies that you are eyeing. They are in a good position to know some of the best car insurance companies you can deal with.
  5. Reviews - Going through customer experience reviews one open to facts that you did not know about a car insurance company. All Massachusetts car insurance companies have user forums that you can access and find out what past and existing clients have to say about the car insurance company. Although this may be time-consuming, the result is worth it.
  6. Family and friends - You family members and friends who own cars or drive have different experiences in dealing with car insurance companies. They are an important source of advice. You will benefit a great deal if one of works with a car insurance company as you will receive detailed advice.

Car Insurance Quotes Massachusetts

Average car insurance quotes for Massachusetts car insurance companies

Rank Car Insurance Company Name Price
1 Progressive $763
2 GEICO $615
3 Nationwide $748
4 Allstate $1,078
5 State Farm $534
6 USAA $789
7 Liberty Mutual $906

A Few Tips to Help You Find the Best Cheap Car Insurance in MA

Comparison shopping is the single best step a consumer can take to ensure they are getting the best car insurance deal to meet their insurance needs and budget.

While insurance rates are, in part, based on factors the insured can do nothing about like their age, sex, past driving record and where they live there are other factors you can take advantage of to lower your car insurance rates.

Pick your vehicle carefully - One important factor you can control is the make and model of car you drive. Choose a car that is highly rated for safety features, cheap to repair, not a likely theft target and does not go fast. You can check average car insurance rates by make and model online. Luxury, expensive cars, and sexy, high-performance sports cars have higher insurance rates than economy cars and family sedans.

Pay for insurance upfront - You will pay less if you can afford to pay your car insurance premium annually rather than monthly. Insurers charge a service fee to break your premium into monthly payments. You have to make monthly payments some companies may charge less for monthly payments if you establish an automatic deduction from a bank account.

Notify insurers if you park in a garage -You park in a garage you will qualify for lower insurance rates. Parking in a garage lowers the risk of storm damage, damage from other vehicles while the car is parked on the street and the risk of vandalism or theft. Your car has extra safety features or anti-theft devices it will also lower your insurance costs.

Do not file unnecessary claims - Many insurers offer a no-claims discount if a consumer files no claims for five or more years. Your vehicle sustains minor damage consider paying for the repairs from your funds it may be less costly to make the repair than to give up your no-claims premium discount.

Drive safely - Massachusetts law does not allow insurers to consider traffic violations or accidents which occurred more than six years ago as a factor in establishing your car insurance rates. You do have a recent citation or accident ask the insurer if completing a safe driver training course will help to mitigate the effect of the citation or accident on your insurance costs.

Keep a good credit score - This means paying your bills on time and not borrowing more than you can afford to repay. Insurers will rate those drivers with good credit scores as lower risk than those with less good credit reports.

Safety discounts - Some Massachusetts car insurance companies offer great discounts to their policyholder drivers who take steps toward safe driving. Such steps include undertaking defensive driving lessons conducted by the car insurance companies, reducing the number of speeding tickets, reducing surcharge incidents and others measures.

Safety features - Some Massachusetts car insurance companies offer premium discounts on the inclusion of additional safety features in your car. This is especially if your current premium rate was based on your car's standard safety features as one factor amongst many.

Insurance coverage consolidation - If you hold several types of insurance from different car insurance companies, you can benefit greatly by the offer some Massachusetts car insurance companies provide for bringing all the different insurance covers under the same roof.

Technology-based car insurance discounts - You can accumulate great savings on the total cost of your car insurance by signing up for the data gadgets (or download the app to your phone) that some Massachusetts car insurance companies provide. The gadget is plugged into your car's diagnostic port by appointed dealers. The gadget transmits all kind of data to your car insurance company. A gadget is capable of transmitting driving habits, breaking style, where you drive to and how much you use your car in a day. Your car insurance company uses this data in assessing whether you are a safe driver or not. You can access the same data by requesting your car insurance company for the same. Positive data on you can see you qualify to pay low premium rates. Purchasing such a gadget and getting it fixed on your car can also reduce your premium. Simple: State Farm Drive Safe & Save Program, Progressive Snapshot Program.

Cheap Car Insurance in MA for Young Drivers

Like in most States and jurisdictions throughout the world, newly licensed teen drivers are the major contributors of road accidents. This is because of lack of driving experience, and their tendency to enjoy over speeding beyond the stipulated speed limits on different sections of roads. As a result, Massachusetts teen car insurance companies, like other car insurance companies in other States, categorize teen drivers as risky drivers and charge high premium rates on their car insurance policies. This in effect becomes expensive to teen parents.

To help teen parents and teens with Massachusetts car driving license, most Massachusetts car insurance companies in collaboration with relevant State agencies run different programs aimed at ensuring safety for teen drivers. Parent’s Supervised Driving Program, which guides teen parents and teens themselves on the best ways to ensure that they remain safe while driving and in the process develop safe driving habits that will see them enjoy paying low premium rates in the future.

Apart from the various program run by Massachusetts car insurance companies, the State's Registrar of Motor Vehicles also imposes varied restrictions on teen drivers. These include setting the minimum age at which a teen can acquire a Massachusetts car-driving license at 16 and a license-holding period of 6 months. In addition, a teen must have at least 40 hours of supervised driving. The State's Registrar of motor vehicles only lifts nighttime driving and passenger restrictions upon a teen reaching the age of 18 and 17 years respectively.

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