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The state of Alabama has varied landscape areas, cultures and has a beautiful atmosphere all around. From the cities to villages, Alabama insurance quotes are made sure as to fulfill the needs of every individual who loves driving, and it understands the total coverage required with offering discounts for them too. It is quite possible to find the cheapest car insurance Alabama that suits you . Alabama has been ranked the third largest state of repeat offenders of driving when they are intoxicated so car insurance is necessity.

Alabama car insurance quote can be found out easily and the best way is to find one online. Different company's Alabama car insurance has a different premium set up by the large number of insurance companies. The common considerations taken up by the companies are the car type, age of the driver and his driving record whether it is devoid of any tickets or not. These things are taken up combined as a risk factor and with higher the risk factor your premium rate for the car insurance policy taken under Alabama car insurance quote would also increase.But there are many possibilities to get cheapest car insurance in Alabama.

Every insurance company has its own way of dealing with these risk factors hence you need to look upon every insurance company's Alabama car insurance quote to get the exact insurance rate which is easily available and make your budget.

Alabama Car Insurance Laws

Minimum Requirements: Minimum requirements as directed by the regulating body at Alabama is put at $25,000 against bodily injury to one, $50,000 against bodily injury to more than one and $25,000 against property damage. All insurance cover providers and car owners have to abide by them. Car owners can't buy a policy with lesser worth and agencies cannot sell the same.

Rules and regulations of the state with respect to car accident are based on the tort system. Accordingly, the driver found guilty in an accident would be responsible for paying for the damages along with the insurance company from where he has bought his policy. Hence, it is very important to keep a check on the total financial security bought. Buying the bare minimum is never enough and can barely take care of minor accidents. Hence, as a security measure, always opt for a more elaborate policy.

Carrying the Proof of Insurance: It is mandatory to carry a proof of insurance at all times when driving on the roads. There are multiple things which can be produced at any given point of time. Some of these include:

  • Receipt of premium payment as received from the insurance agency.
  • Insurance card provided by the insurance agency at the time of registration of policy.
  • The actual policy papers.
  • If it is a rental that is being driven, copy of the rental agreement.

Make sure to have at least one of these at all times else one is liable to be subject to fines. Getting caught on multiple instances for the same violation may also lead to suspension of the vehicle registration thereby barring the car owner from taking the vehicle out on the street. A fine of $100 will have to be paid to get the suspension revoked. However, if care is still not taken, there is a non revocable suspension of 4 months and a fine of $200 or more; this too only after providing proof of cover. As one can imagine, the rules are such that it is much better to buy a cover and stay safe rather than abscond and pay fines (financially speaking).

The state of Alabama offers two ways for getting financial security. First is buying a car insurance policy from one of the many registered agencies operating the state and second is by obtaining a Motor Vehicle Liability Bond. Another alternative is to get a Cash Bond Certificate.

Alternate Coverage Forms: The State of Alabama offers alternate means to prove financial security for car owners. They can apply for Motor Vehicle Liability Bond or get a Certificate of Cash Bond. Both are recognized and the minimum amount for which they have to be bought is set at $50,000. In case of an accident, it is this amount that is used to pay for the injuries, and the damages caused. Keep in mind to buy the bond only from a licensed company else it won't be recognized. If this is the route taken, it would then be mandatory to carry a copy of the certificate while driving. Once the amount is used, the policy holder would have 30 days to reinstate the balance back to $50,000.

Thus, these are the basic laws that keeps auto insurance in Alabama running. There are complications in the entire process but that is because Alabama is a developing state and not many people comprehend the basic idea of insurance. Thus, for a person in Alabama, who is familiar with the idea of insurance, this sure looks like a boon where there are a lot of points that safeguard their vehicles. Getting an Alabama auto insurance policy may seem unnecessary but works out to be amongst the best investments you've ever made.

Average Car Insurance Rates in Alabama

Alabama car insurance rates average minimum prices are

Alabama Minimum Car Insurance Coverage : $527 - $768

Alabama Minimum Full Coverage Car Insurance : $1,223 - $1,489

Alabama Minimum Car Insurance Coverage for Young Drivers : $1,247 - $1,498

Alabama Minimum Full Coverage Car Insurance for Young Drivers : $1,943 - $2,369

Average car insurance Alabama per month : $43 - $197

These prices may vary depending on factors such as your age, marital status, gender, and the value of your car. The prices we are quoted are for a middle-aged man who drives an average car. If you want cheapest car insurance Alabama you need to know what your terms are.

Important Factors Influencing Car Insurance Rates in Alabama

City Speed Limits Non-paved county roads are 35 MPH , residential areas are 25 MPH , school zones are 15 MPH.
Freeway Speed Limits Unless otherwise stated county roadways are 35 MPH , other roadways 55 MPH , roadways with four or more lanes 65 MPH , interstates 70 MPH.
Blood Alcohol Limits BAC is .08% . If a driver is younger than 21 max BAC is .02%. 0.04% or more in a commercial vehicle.
Open Container Law All open containers are prohibited except in Alabama where the manufacturer has been sealed.
Cell Phones Laws Reading or writing Mail & Text messages while driving is prohibited for all drivers. Drivers under 18 with restricted licenses (GDL) are prohibited from talking and messaging with mobile phones. Stricter laws than the current law are expected to be released in 2019.
License Suspension on DUI first offense DUI in Alabama causes a license suspended 90 days Other circumstances can increase the suspension period regardless of the age of the driver.
License Suspension on DWI Same DUI

Cheapest Car Insurance Alabama

Many would suggest buying the minimum requirement cover so paying the least amount in premiums. However, if we go into the details, this may not always be the best option. As we all know, car insurance is all about protecting ones financial liabilities that may be levied as a result of accident. Buying the first cheapest car insurance Alabama would make it legal for the car owner to drive on the streets, but the lingering question is - is there a complete cover?

If we analyze the 25/50/25 marker against the current prices of medical and repair services, it would not be difficult to come to the conclusion that the amount is highly inappropriate. Due to these infringements and the rise in living standards, it would be harder to cover the expenses incurred in a minor accident. If the expenses are more (which are generally expected to be), the difference will be borne by the policy holder himself; thus heavily compromising the finances. Hence, never try to take the escape route; instead, try to avail discounts on elaborate policies. Following are some ways of getting the best cheapest car insurance in Alabama suits you

  1. Buy only what is required: Never buy an Alabama car insurance policy that offers more than what is required. Adding extra benefits on the policy automatically increases the cost of premiums. It would be useless to pay for something that would never get used. For example, there is no use of collision coverage when driving an old car.
  2. Increase the Deductibles: Premium amounts can be reduced by a large margin if the deductibles are increased. Subject to affordability, if the amount of deductibles is set to $1,000, expect a large discount on premiums. No doubt it would mean paying for small accidents from the pocket, but it would prove highly beneficial when involved in large accidents.
  3. Installations of Safety Features: Install safety features such as air bags and anti theft alarms on the insured vehicle to avail discounts. Doing so reduces the chances of filing for a claim which ultimately leads to reduced payments as premiums. Some other features that may be incorporated are anti lock brakes and daytime running lights.
  4. Other Special Discounts: Applicants who have a clean driving record, got good grades during their education years or are more than one car insured from the same special discounts. These discounts are only applicable in special cases and not everyone can avail them. Do not worry about the same when talking to a sales representative.
  5. Take defensive driving classes to get certification. This certification can then be shown to the insurance agency authorities as a proof that you are a responsible driver. People who have undergone this course are less like to be a part of accident.
  6. Another good way to reduce on the premiums would be to buy a car that is not on the list of most stolen cars. If the car is still to be bought, prefer one which is cheaper and less catchy. Remember, small cars will always be insured for lower amounts compared to larger and more expensive cars.
  7. Do visit at least 4 - 5 car insurance agencies before finalizing the cover. Not doing could prove to be very costly as you would end up missing the chance of getting better covers for lower rates.

These are only some of the ways availing cheap Alabama car insurance quotes. Other articles on our site contain much more detailed information.