Insurance Companies in Chicago

Learn about the best car insurance companies in Chicago

If you are looking for an Chicago car insurance company, you have a myriad of choices. In the ever competitive car insurance market, the increased competition favors you, the consumer. With so many choices, it is necessary for you to evaluate those choices to get the best possible deal on your Chicago car insurance coverage.

So, what are the characteristics of good Car Insurance Companies in Chicago?

  • Competitive rates
  • A wide range of coverages: Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, Pet Injury Coverage, Comprehensive and Collision, Loan or Lease Payoff, Roadside Assistance, etc.
  • Specialized claims service
  • 24/7 availability

Here are three things you will want to find out about the Chicago car insurance company that you are considering purchasing car insurance from.

1. Does the company have a good reputation?

When you are searching for your Chicago car insurance company, you must first be sure that you are going to be serviced by a reputable insurance carrier. You don't want to get involved in an accident and then realize those you have been paying money to for months, even years, has gone under or is beating around the bush and trying to get out of paying the claim.

One of the first things you will want to investigate is the company's A.M. Best rating. A.M. Best is one of the most respected American rating agencies for insurance providers. It bases its ratings upon the insurance company's financial strength and ability to pay claims. A.M. Best is an independent company and is very trusted for its ability to evaluate the financial strength of insurance companies.

You will also want to check around for the customer service ratings of the different Chicago car insurance companies. You have probably heard horror stories of having to deal with an insurance provider that gives you a hassle when it comes time to pay out on the claim. You want to have an insurance company that is known for quick and easy payment. An accident is a stressful event, and you do not want to have your insurance provider adding to the stress by giving you the runaround.

2. Can the company provide the type of coverage you need?

You will want to decide which type of Chicago car insurance that you need. Do you simply need liability coverage for your older vehicle so you can be legal to drive? Do you have a new vehicle or a newer vehicle that still has a high market value or that is still being financed? In that case, you will need collision and comprehensive coverage as well. Do you have a rather rough driving history and are having a tough time with the big name carriers? If so, there are insurance providers that specialize in high-risk drivers.

3. What rates and discounts can the company offer you that will help you save money?

There are so many Car Insurance Companies in Chicago that it can be difficult to shop for affordable car insurance. The ‘affordable’ term does not necessarily mean the cheapest price, rather means that you get the most possible for your money. Cheaper rates are maybe not the best choices because they may not meet your needs.

First of all, you have to know what you want and what you need, then you have to choose the coverages on the basis of how much you can pay. You will have to pay more for each additional coverage. If you are a car owner, it is essential to be prepared for unexpected situations such as breakdowns.

Car Insurance Companies in Chicago often offer discounts for their appreciated customers.

Compare the Top 10 Chicago Car Insurance Companies

When shopping for insurance in Chicago, it is always good to know what companies are the best at handling car insurance.

Here are the Top 10 Chicago Car Insurance Companies. The ratings of the top 10 are for financial strength and low complaints.


Their financial rating with A.M best is A+. With a big company like Allstate, we could expect a high complaint percentage, but that is not the case. They are under the 3% mark for complaints. They offer standards discounts that even rate 9 out of 10. Signing up has never been easier with three-way, Internet, phone or office visit.

  • Pros: Low complaints and easy sign-up.

Metropolitan (MetLife)

MetLife their financial rating with A.M Best is A. When you decide to hire Snoopy as you mascot you know thing are going well. They consistently show their dedication to providing full family services such as, car, life, health, and many other services which focus on providing financial needs for families. With such a large company, the complaints stay at a very minimum. This is always a good sign. One thing that is intriguing is that there are no standard discounts offered. Of course, signing up is easy with the Internet, phone or agent office visit.

  • Pros: Easy sign-up, virtually no complaints, and good rating.
  • Cons: Doesn’t offer standard discounts.

Metriplan Insurance Company

Metriplan is a smaller insurance company that does well to service the individual driver.

With an A.M Best rating of A, Metriplan is on the good road. The only problem is in this world having a website is pretty much a must-have, something which they don’t. With virtually no complaints on claim settlements, they kind of shoot themselves in the foot by not offering a standard discount. The only way to sign up is to visit an agent’s office.

  • Pros: No complaints about policy payouts.
  • Con: No website. You must call to sign up and no standard discounts.

Republic-Vanguard Insurance

With an A.M. Best rating of A- Republic-Vanguard Insurance knows what they are doing. They have been around for so long that you would think their claims settlement must have some negatives, but it is actually the contrary. Claims settlements seem to be pretty fair. Of course, they have their glitches, but they have very few complaints. Again though, they do not offer any standard discounts no matter how long you’ve been with them. Internet, phone and agent office visit are the ways they have to sign up.

  • Pros: Customer service seems to be the best around.
  • Cons: Policyholders expect perfection.


With an A.M. Best rating of A-, Unitrin is a relatively unknown company that offers great insurance services through independent agents or directly through them. The claim settlement payouts seem to be one of the best as no customers have gotten a raw deal. For a change now, Unitrin offers a variety of standard discounts to its customers. Of course, there are easy ways to sign up: phone, Internet or by visiting an agents' office.

  • Pros: Easy sign-up. Offers lots of standard discounts.
  • Con: The price doesn’t always match the customer service.


With an A.M. Best rating of A+ +, Amica has surely found the way that every insurance company should follow. With claim settlements being paid out without very little complaints, and a bunch of standard discounts offered, Amica is showing others what should be done. Customer service is another department where they are way ahead of the competition. This is the company you want to deal with if you want excellent service.

  • Pros: Amica is rated number one for its customer-friendly ways. Leading it to be the best in the insurance business.
  • Con: There is no agent office. Sign-ups are only by phone or the Internet.

State Farm

With an A.M. Best rating of A + +, State Farm cannot go wrong. They are dedicated to serve their policyholders the best they can and give the best rates possible. Claim settlements complaints are near non-existence, but a little higher than the others. They also offer a variety of standard discounts and many more. You can either sign up by using the phone, Internet or drop by an agent’s office.

  • Pros: They have full service in every type of insurance. They offer many discounts and not just standard ones.
  • Cons: Such a quality comes at a price.


It was the Goodwins who in the mid-1930s, while the Great Depression was still in full fury, took a calculated risk to start up what has become one of the most successful and highly respected companies in the nation, the Government Employees Insurance Company.

With an A.M. Best rating of A + +, Geico has known what to do ever since its beginnings in the 1930s. Their claim settlements are to be looked at. Every insurance company could learn a thing or two. They offer standard discounts that should make others jealous. Because of their direct sales model, Geico constantly offers the lowest rates for all drivers. Since there are no agents, the way to sign up is either by phone or the Internet.

  • Pros: Lowest prices in the industry, very few complaints and signing up has never been easier.
  • Cons: Their direct sales model means that you probably won't be able to sit down and talk to an agent. You may have to settle for the Internet or phone.


In 1923, insurance executive Hawthorne K. Dent startled the established business community with a radical approach to insurance. Defying convention, he organized a company to combine the financial stability and responsibility of an investor-owned stock company with the preferred-risk underwriting and lower prices of a mutual or policy-owned company. He further violated the conventional wisdom of his day by basing the company in Seattle, far from the recognized insurance centers of the metropolitan Northeast.

With an A.M. Best rating of A, Safeco compares easily to others in this list. Their settlement compliant % is fairly small compared to others. They also offer a variety of standard discounts to their policyholders. Again if you want to sign up, the phone, the Internet or a visit to the local agent’s office is the best way of doing it.

  • Pros: The sign up is easy. If you want other policies than car insurance, they make it pretty easy to do so.
  • Cons: Pricing may be a bit high.


With an A.M. Best rating of A+, Nationwide seems to have helped many policyholders over the years. The claim settlement complaints are pretty high though. Many people have had trouble getting their due. The offer some variety of standard discounts, but they hardly compare to the best. At least signing up is pretty easy. Phone, internet or an agents office are what they are offering.

  • Pros: Offers tons of financial services. Offers good standard discounts. Also good for business owners.
  • Cons: This may not bother some, but they have an average complaint level for unpaid claims.

This top 10 was presented to you as a way of comparing the best car insurance companies in Chicago. Many companies will differ in their products, so make sure to shop around before choosing your insurance company.

Nicole Cain