List of Car Insurance Companies in Florida

Brief look at some of the top players in the Florida car insurance markeT

A large number of licensed car insurance companies carry on the business of automobile insurance in the State of Florida. The reason you are better off getting quotes from a few insurance companies before making a decision to buy automobile Insurance is, because car insurance is a competitive business and insurance companies compete with each other to give a better deal to their potential customers. The quotes will reflect the different policies of insurance companies with regard to their agreements to ensure your car. We've reviewed the best-known list of car insurance companies in Florida.

Florida Car Insurance Companies

A review of the top Florida car insurance companies reveals a combination of high ratings, exemplary customer service and willingness to go above and beyond what is required to provide customers with high-quality affordable insurance. Most car insurance companies in Florida and around the country offer some basic benefits that are common to all companies. Many of the top companies offer packages with special features like discounts and additional liability coverage.

Here's a brief look at some of the top players in the Florida car insurance market.


Progressive is the third largest car insurance company in the country. Established in 1937, Progressive is one of the oldest and largest insurance companies in the US. This company offers insurance plans that cover cars, RVs and motorcycles, but some of their best features are reserved for car owner policyholders. If you find yourself without a means of transportation if damage to your car, the company will find a replacement vehicle for you. If you have managed to stay accident-free for the first three years of your policy,

Progressive has an Accident Forgiveness plan in place that ensures that your rates won't increase when an accident occurs after three years. This will apply even if the accident was your fault. Best of all, the feature is free - no additional charges are levied. 24/7 support, the company also offers mobile and online support to customers.


GEICO is one of America's most recognized brand names in the insurance sector and has established a solid base of loyal and satisfied customers. In an industry where customer satisfaction and service are essential, GEICO does seem to take top honors with a high customer satisfaction rating. The company also ranks highly in its financial viability and claim paying abilities. With a customer base of more than 8 million car insurance policyholders and 13 million vehicles under its insurance cover.


Nationwide Insurance has some of the highest referral rates in the insurance business with nine out of 10 persons recommending it to friends and family. They offer car insurance discounts and have a superior claims service.

Its Blue Ribbon Claims Service gives Nationwide Insurance customers a guarantee on repairs for as long as you own the car. Blue Ribbon Repair shops are pre-screened by the company, so you receive the highest quality services. That's not all - there's even an online video facility that enables you to watch your car being repaired.

Insurance discounts offered include multi-car insurance, and an accident-free car driving discount which will entitle you to a rebate if you have 5 years of driving experience without a single chargeable accident to your credit. And there is a good student insurance discount that allows your high schooler or college goer a rebate for a B on their report card.

In addition, you get to save money when you install an anti-theft device or when you successfully complete a motor vehicle accident prevention course. Its innovative plans like these that have made Nationwide Insurance a popular choice among customers who seek value for money and service.


Allstate Auto Insurance offers a variety of discounts to customers. If you have no moving violations in the past five years, you are eligible for a Premier Discount. Senior citizens over the age of 55 who opt to attend defensive driver classes can avail of a special discount created for them. There are a number of other such discounts for safe cars and students, and these have helped establish Allstate as one of the more customer friendly companies in the insurance market.

Allstate Auto Insurance offers cover against liability for damage to others if an accident and pays for your medical treatment when an accident is caused by a covered motorist. It also offers both collision cover if an accident and comprehensive cover, under which your insured car is protected from damages by storms, theft, vandalism, etc. Personal Injury cover offers a certain amount of protection against injury-related expenses you may incur.

State Farm

State Farm Auto Insurance was established in 1922 by a farmer who felt that existing auto insurance policies weren't fair enough to farmers who used their vehicles less frequently and were responsible for fewer damages. What started as an insurance company for farmers and owned by policyholders has grown into one of the world's biggest insurance companies.

A host of customer-friendly features make State Farm a preferred choice among customers who wish to combine exemplary rankings, great customer service, and a friendly helpful attitude.

They have a user-friendly website that doesn't just give you a bunch of reasons why you should choose them, but also valuable tips on avoiding accidents, information on dangerous intersections around the country, and advice on the amount of insurance you really need to purchase.

A variety of discounts are offered to help you get better value for money, and these include vehicle safety discounts, accident-free discounts, and multiple vehicle discounts. There are other discount plans that kick in for good driving, while students will receive a discount based on great grades at school. A defensive driving class or driver training class undertaken will also entitle you to further discounts, all adding up to significant savings. Their website is one of the most users friendly in the business, and offers a wealth of valuable tips and advice for motorists, making this a customer friendly company.


USAA Insurance offers automobile insurance to members of the military and their families. That's because these people have distinct automobile insurance needs, considering the amount they travel. Customers find help to purchase a new car or applying for a loan.

Heacock Classic

If you own a classic or vintage car that's worth a fortune, you might want to consider insuring it with a specialty classic car insurer like Heacock Classic Insurance. Such cars and their owners have special needs, and a specialty insurer will be more experienced in dealing with technical matters. Heacock Classic also offers car show liability cover that's inexpensive. Heacock Classic has been endorsed by a number of collector's car clubs in the US which should put your mind at ease. The company also offers cover for exotic motorcycles and boats.


AIG has a presence across all 50 states and offers cover for cars, motorcycles, and RVs. AIG Auto Insurance policies will normally cover product and personal liability. This company's policies extend to RVs and motorcycles. Automobiles insured include sedans, convertibles, and sports utility vehicles. Coverage extends to include collision, theft, and vandalism.

They offer one of the most widespread coverage packages with some plans paying for rehabilitation of an injured person, treatment of his injuries and even funeral expenses. While property coverage will cover damage to the vehicle if an accident, medical liability will cover medical expenses, lost wages in case you are required to attend a court hearing in connection with the case, and even funeral expenses.


Amica Auto Insurance has a high customer satisfaction rating and has been rated by J.D. Power and Associates as having the highest customer satisfaction rates for 8 years in a row. What this means is that you can expect claims to be handled quickly and efficiently, and you will enjoy a competitive pricing on your insurance packages. Plus, excellent service is guaranteed.

Amica offers a number of home and life policies, but its car insurance coverage plans are some of the most comprehensive in the industry. Plus, customers are allowed to create their own customized packages with features that are relevant to their needs. Liability coverage and coverage for your car, Amica offers coverage for injuries caused to passengers in the car, including those caused by an uninsured driver. There are also a whole host of features you're unlikely to find elsewhere.

For instance, there are no deductibles for repair of airbags or glass. If a customer has to attend court hearings on behalf of the insurer, the company also offers coverage for loss of wages. There's also roadside assistance - any time your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, all you have to do is call a toll free number, and service technicians will rush to your aid immediately.


Auto-Owners Insurance is a Fortune 500 company that offers car insurance, home, and life insurance. The company has a reputation for excellence and is highly ranked for consumer satisfaction. Pricing at Auto-Owners Insurance is the most competitive in the market with discounts offered covering anti-theft locking systems, airbags, and anti-theft devices. Students, senior citizens, and safe driving discount benefits are also offered.

Average car insurance rate for Florida car insurance companies

Rank Car Insurance Company Name Price
1 Progressive $784
2 GEICO $427
3 Nationwide $854
4 Allstate $1,167
5 State Farm $612
6 USAA $548
7 Amica $514
8 Auto-Owners $595

Car Insurance Direct Agent Or Online

With so many major insurance companies and their giant advertising campaigns clamoring for your business, it can be difficult to find which one is right for you and your family.

Two Types

There are two ways to obtain insurance, either through an actual agent or online. More traditional companies generally have individual agents who service your business and handle your policy exclusively. More technology-based companies that obtain and service your business online or over the phone only, with no direct agent. While both are perfectly acceptable ways of obtaining insurance there are some colossal differences between the two.

Traditional – Single Agent

Traditionally, if you wanted to purchase an car insurance policy you would call your family agent and set up an appointment to come into the office. The benefit of sticking with this type of insurance agency is that you do receive more personalized service. You find to know your agent, meet with him or her face to face to discuss your needs, and have one specific person to call with any questions or concerns you may have regarding changes to your policy.

While this is definitely good in some instances, there are also downfalls. Because agents charge commissions from the actual insurance companies, this is reflected in your payment amount through higher premiums. Also, many people feel that having a deny agent would be an advantage if you are fervent in an accident as your agent will fair handle the entire process. This is not true. Agents are in the business of selling and servicing policies, not claims. Most companies defer their handling of car accident claims to adjusters who often work in the corporate office.


The newest device of handling your insurance is through the internet or by calling a toll-free phone number. With this type of insurance company, you do not have one specific contact but can contact the corporation directly which usually means not talking to the same person twice. Because a lot of these companies run on a call-center environment, they do not have the same operating costs as those with individual agents do. This difference is often reflected by lower insurance premium rates.

Best of Both Worlds

The shrimp known fact about choosing between an online company or an individual agent is that sometimes you can have the best of both worlds. Some companies, have personal offices in many major metropolitan offices where you can actually go and talk to an agent versus handling everything online. Because they have fewer offices, the effect on your rates is smooth very low. But, by having only a few small offices, these companies can still offer the personalized service most policyholders want.

Our Opinion

Go for the savings. Insurance rates go in cycles, but by sticking to a website or 800-number company the amount you will save far outweighs speaking to a different person every time. After all, how often do you really talk to your agent? Most companies provide claims service at a corporate level, which means your agent most likely will not handle any accidents you have anyhow.

As always, I advise everyone to check their insurance rates three months before each six-month renewal to try to get the best deal. Some years certain companies are the best, other years they are not. But it never hurts to check, and with the invention of internet quoting it is even easier and less time-consuming.

How to Choose The Best Car Insurance Company

When shopping for car insurance, a person needs to know more than just the price and what their monthly payments will be. They also need to understand that part of what they are paying for includes customer service and the bill payment services offered by the company.

J.D. Power conducts reviews of car insurance companies, and you can find their list online, as well as the ratings for each company. They looked at more than a dozen car insurance companies and compared them according to pricing, billing, policies available and overall satisfaction to come up with the best. You might be surprised who scored tops in the survey, which come from individual policyholders across the country.

Besides J.D. Power's survey, you'll also want to check out the financial stability of the company. To do this, visit the Standard & Poor's Web site and type in the company name to do a search. The reason you want to check this is that if you have a claim, a financially stronger company will be more reliable at paying you the money you are owed. Even great customer service and an easy billing plan cannot make up for this important feature.