Windshield Repair

All you want to know about Windshield Repair

Windshield repair is a viable option in many instances, especially if a person takes care of small cracks and chips early on. Repairing the windshield naturally costs less than replacing the windshield, and it entails applying resin to any cracks and/or chips on the windshield. The affected area is completely repaired and the strength of the original windshield is reinforced.

The car windshield is an important part of the vehicle; it plays an important part in keeping yourself and passengers safe. Because of this, you must have the basic knowledge about a windshield repairing, replacement of windshields and auto glass installation.

You can see the importance of the car windshield in an event of vehicles collision when the impact is more on the front side or when the vehicle roll-overs. In such events, the windshield car glass is the primary line of defense for the vehicle and well the persons riding in that car.

Other importance of the windshield is that when a vehicle roll-over happen the windshield acts as a structural component, which prevents the collapse of the roof of the vehicle on the driver and passengers. It serves as a foundation for the airbags.

When the windshield car glass is not installed properly, if in case of frontal collision due to the expansion of airbags will force the car glass of the frame. If this happens, the airbags cannot function properly to protect the lives of the driver or the passengers in the front seat.

When the vehicle is manufactured and is sent to the markets, it carries factory-installed car glass. It is considered the best glass since the auto glass installation conditions in the factory are perfect.

The factory uses robots for glass installation so the human errors and human contaminations are eliminated. The factory uses the best and more appropriate kind of car glass adhesives, fitting is done accurately and proper curing period is observed. So factory installed glasses are the best.

So as long as possible try to keep the original factory-installed car glasses, you should carefully see the windshield repairs; whenever the smallest kind of damage occurs repair it. When your windshield is first cracked, try to do the repair process as soon as you can.

Windshields repairs are most cost-effective than replacing the windshields. Repairing the windshields is possible in only minimal damages such as breaks, small cracks. If the damage is big then complete windshield replacement becomes necessary.

The type of damage that requires a complete windshield replacement includes those in which that run through the car glass to its inner layers; which contains impurities that cannot be removed; car glass holes which are big; car glass cracks that are also big, have three or more long legs, having many intersecting edges or touch two or more edges of the windshield; and car stress cracks.

What You Should Know About Windshield Repair

  • The cost of Repairing one chip or several cracks significantly less than replacing the entire windshield
  • Repairing damage keeps a crack from spreading any further
  • Although a chip may not become completely invisible, visibility will be greatly improved. We are usually able to attain 70 - 90% clarity
  • You have a legal right to choose what shop you use, regardless of your insurance
  • A chip repair takes an average of 15 - 45 minutes

Benefits and Visible Results of Windshield Repair

  • Restores the structural integrity of the windshield
  • Windshield repair saves money
  • Windshield repair saves time
  • Significantly improves the optical clarity of the damaged area
  • Is safe; the vehicle can be driven immediately following the repair
  • Eliminates the time involved in a windshield replacement
  • Is less costly than replacing the windshield
  • Helps to preserve the environment. Because windshields are fused layers of laminate that are difficult to recycle
  • In case of a request, a technician comes to your home or workplace and makes repairs on site
  • Repair maintains your windshield’s factory seal. Replacing a windshield, instead of repairing it, involves breaking the original factory seal
  • Windshield repair maintains the value to your vehicle

Can All Windshield Damages Can be Repaired?

In most cases, rock and gravel dings and scratches of up to one, and a half inches in diameter, along with singular line cracks of up to 24 inches can be repaired to like-new condition. For best results, it is imperative that the damage is addressed as quickly as possible after the damage occurs. This is to protect against contamination that can result from washing the vehicle, road grease and grime, and the elements. The longer you wait, water and other materials can find their way into the crack and freeze and making the crack worse. The outer membrane of the glass will begin to fog up, making a very noticeable blemish.

What Techniques are Used in Windshield Crack Repair?

Windshield repair merges modern advances in technology with human ingenuity to eliminate stone damage on a windshield as opposed to the alternative of replacing it altogether. There are varying techniques used to repair a windshield crack, but basically, they all involve injecting a special clear resin into the damaged area, replacing the air gap with a transparent, extremely durable repair fluid. Sometimes this fluid is dropped directly into the crack from a container, and sometimes it is injected using a pressurized device. The technician may apply pressure to the inside of the windshield, either by hand or through the use of a special device, to temporarily open up the crack a little, which facilitates the easier flow of the resin into the damaged area.

After injection, the resin is then 'cured' using a special ultraviolet light, and over a few minutes, becomes extremely hardened. The technician then removes excess resin from the area, and you're left with a practically invisible repair. From start to finish, the whole process can be completed in less than a half hour.

In the scenario used here, the obvious correct action would have been to schedule a windshield repair back when the 'crack' was just a 'peck.' Sealing the trouble spot then would have prevented a virtually unnoticeable windshield ding from turning into a distracting eyesore. It's very important to have all windshield damage repaired as soon as possible.

Arranging a repair right away helps to prevent repair problems that arise from the intrusion of dirt and/or chemicals into the damaged pit. Once the pit or crack is contaminated with these foreign materials, it becomes significantly tougher, if it's possible at all, for the technician to make a quality, clear repair to the damaged area. Getting repairs done quickly is the key here.

All windshield crack types

What Does Windshield Repair Cost?

In reality, repair costs little compared to what you can expect to pay for a complete windshield replacement. As today’s automotive windshields continue to get more sophisticated with integrated components and shapes, windshield repair services turn out to be an increasingly affordable, convenient and safe alternative to replacement.

Costs for the repair of chips depending on the type of service. Mobile services cost more than in-store services. In addition, the cost increases proportionally with the number of chips. But a typical windshield repair will barely cost you more than $70.

The costs to repair a chip could be $25 for service in-store and $60 for the mobile service. The cost to repair a crack up to twelve inches could be $55 to $59 and twelve to twenty-four inches crack could cost $59 to $69.

When you have cracks over twenty-four inches, it is best to get recommendations from reputable shops because this size cannot be restored safely.

Does Car Insurance Cover Windshield Repair?

If you have a comprehensive insurance policy (Liability car insurance covers only the damage of the other party if an accident) on your vehicle, most insurance companies will pay 100% of the cost for a chip or crack to be repaired in your windshield, without requiring payment of a deductible. Insurance companies know just how important it is to repair your windshield before it is too late. The insurance companies realize that most small cracks will soon spread which will result in the need for a new windshield (USAA, Progressive, GEICO, Nationwide, State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, MetLife).

Finding the Right Auto Glass Repair Service

There are so many ways that you can do to have the right auto glass installation or repair service. You have to make a little research, however. The first thing that you can do is to search for different installers or car glass repair services near you in a newspaper or local listing. You can then search the Web to look for installers in your area that have a site or listed in some online directories.

Another thing you can do to find the right car glass repair service is to ask your friends, neighbors, family members, relatives, or coworkers if they know or use some of the local car glass installers and if they were satisfied with any work or services provided for them. You may also see some of the auto glass repair service providers from your list and ask them about how they can help you.

You need an expert car glass repair service provider who will explain to you how your car will be treated safely when installing or fixing your windshield. Ask around and go for someone who you think is trustworthy and capable of replacing or repairing your auto glass based on factory specification. Make a thorough research before you actually invest for an auto glass repair as this could help you save money.

For example, you can ask how your car will be fixed without letting it have rust around its seam when they have the glass installed. You can tell your prospective installer that some friends of yours had this kind of problem and wish to know how they can help you prevent such poor service.

Also, you can ask about various adhesives. Too often, auto glass repair experts will provide you with details regarding this without having to ask them. Find a car glass repair service provider who will keep you updated about what changes will be made to your vehicle. A good car glass repairer will let you know of the pros and cons or replacement versus repair for your windshield. He is also someone you can trust and will help you make good decisions. That simply is the right professional for you!

Repairing a Windshield by Yourself

If the damage is minimal, one does not even need to take the car to a repair shop to fix the windshield. There are some simple and affordable auto glass repair kits available both online and at local supermarkets and car repair shops. By following the instructions on the kit, a person may be able to repair the damage without professional help.

Another advantage of windshield repair kits is they are easy to carry. You can bring them anywhere you are since they are lightweight and compact. The kits are also reusable, and you can use them for a multiple auto glass repairs. For instance, you are driving your vehicle and suddenly something sharp, or a tree branch hit your windshield, you can then have it repaired immediately using your windshield repair kit. Not only that, using car glass repair kits can help you strengthen your windshield and make it much resistant to chips, cracks and other sorts of damage.

However, in some cases getting professional help is the best option, especially if one is not sure if the windshield can be repaired or would need to be replaced. A good auto repair shop will use high-quality resin and make sure it dries properly. In some cases' auto glass repair is covered by a car insurance policy, so one will not need to worry about having to pay for this expense.

How to Repair Your Windshield Yourself?

To self-repair windshield cracks one can start off by cleaning the area where there is the crack from any glass or other residuals. Afterward, a suction cup tool which is included in the windshield repair kit should be fixed right over the cracked area. This is an adjustable tool. Afterward screws the threaded repair tube found in the kit as tightly as possible over the affected area. Make sure to align it as best as possible as this is a crucial part of the whole procedure.

Then just add the windshield repair resin through the previously fixed tube. Make sure to follow the instructions on the windshield repair kit. Then, insert the plunger into the tube to allow for the elements required for fixing the crack to work within the restricted space that has developed. Any air bubbles that might form should then be removed and finally, the finishing film can then be applied.

This process of doing it yourself windshield crack repair is relatively simple but it needs to be done with precision and care to ensure best results. If the car has rust, and it spreads up to the windshield border, the consequences are that the windshield may have a crack. If this happens you should use some cars oil to help the rusting stop to avoid the possible damage on the windshield.

If you have a crack, and you left the windscreen cracked without taking immediate caution and action you will have more damage, and you will need to replace it totally most probably. This can mean the crack can drive down even while you are driving. There's a risk that the windscreen can be broken in half. Some cars have poor strength in windscreen so if it cracks it might have to be totally replaced. It is worth a try to use windshield crack repair kits.

If a person cannot afford the windshield repair, or as a temporary measure one can buy a strong plastic and stick it to the broken area on the windshield. If the windscreen still has the crack, one needs to make sure to try to fix it as soon as possible as the damage will increase as time goes by. It will also cause additional damage to other areas of the car, such as the interior.

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